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    Get Vetted Now For Sessions, You have two months.

    :whip: I will be in the Baltimore area from June 10 thru the 14th at the least. :devil: Slaves looking for sessions must be fully vetted before I will accept request for a sessions. :xmad: Session Available includes but not limited to: 1. Facesitting 2. Weight Crushing 3. Discipline...
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    "Crushed POV"

    Ms. Elena is going to literally stamp that look off your face. She is going to take her time and use her big heels to crush every last bit of you. Ms. Elena will start from you legs and work her way to that pathetic face of yours. The soles of her shoes being the last thing you ever see...
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    Ebony Goddess Destroi's-Trample Temple FREE CLIP Of The Day

    Here's a collection of out take clips & pics from my crush and foot fetish shoot 8/29/10. I also included a few foot POV shots from a previous shoot. Enjoy FOOT FREAKS Ebony Goddess Destroi
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    Living Floor

    This view is fantastic. One feels like a mini person. I love this position.
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    Little man gets crushed

    In the evening, when I am ready to go to bed, I will take you out of my panties and put you right in between my thighs. You will be trapped there for the entire night; you will be a prisoner of my smooth skin that will surround you....I will be rolling in the bed together with you, my little...