crushing balls

  1. donatien

    Encaged : lick my pussy, drink my piss..and suffer for me

    I’m your cruel sado bitch After about a week in chastity with no sexual release Mistress SAINT ANGE loves to tease and torment her slave. Seeing her slave’s cock expand and stretch the chastity device down his shaft, but no escape options possible gives her a sense of power and control. Then...
  2. supremekn

    Young Black Goddess and his white slave

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB presents Goddess Aminata Trampling, Ballbusting, Foot Fetish, Crushing Balls, Spitting Some samples from HD video.
  3. S

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB - nouvelles vidéos

    Nouveaux films HD - THE DUNGEON Ballbusting (coups dans les parties pour les puristes de langue française) ; piétinement, écrasement, cire, crachats. FILMS HD - PHOTOS HQ - BOUTIQUE EN LIGNE - TOURNAGES SUR PARIS
  4. S

    Goddess Rebela and Goddess Vika - New videoclips

    Young Goddess Club presents Goddess Rebela and Goddess Vika in: The Dungeon (ballbusting, ball crushing, CBT, trampling, spitting). HD VIDEOS - HQ PHOTOS - SHOP ON-LINE - YOUNG DOMINAS
  5. M

    Mistress ur crushing my Balls part 1

    After several request for more Ball Crushing/ Trampling clips I have decided to do an experiment .In this series: I have picked out a few pairs of Heels and boots, I want to see which ones will inflict the most pain and ultimately destroying your balls. In this clip I Light up a cigarette and...
  6. M

    Mistress Torturing ur Popped Balls

    This little piggie just had both of his balls popped with big heavy Wooden Clamps. Now, I pull out my Burdizzo and torture his popped balls. As I close the jaws of the Burdizzo into his cords, Pulling and crushing his destroyed Balls. As promised his manhood will be completely taken away ballsac...
  7. M

    Crushing the Cum Out of ur Balls"

    This is the conclusion Ball crushing handjob. Slaves balls are in a Chasity board I call the "Ball Crusher". My slave wants to cum so bad but not yet my pet. You cum only when I say you can- continue stroking your cock. I notice his balls are flat but being the sweetheart I am, I tighten the...
  8. S

    Missy’s Peep Toe Pumps Can Ruin His Balls

    Missy has her bad boy's cock and balls on her crushing box in her newest clip at Suburban Sensations. He is very sore from her last beating and it is quite possible that he may not even work anymore. Missy tugs on his very swollen balls and his teenie weenie pee-pee. Unable to get hard because...
  9. F

    crushing balls

    hello everyone i am new to this forum from northwest england. can anyone tell me where i can get hold of some barefoot balls trample/crush material. all help/advise much apprieciated ps i love this forum can't believe i never came across it sooner. hopefully i will be adding some visual...