cuckold fetish

  1. AATBxxx

    Miss Roper's Keep Dreaming Cuck' 3rd Release In Series!

    MISSROPER.COM Presents... "Keep Dreamin' Cuck PART THREE" Elements Of: Cuckolding - Femdom POV - Female Domination - Tease & Denial - Mental Domination - Sensual Domination - Handjobs. I'm sure you fully understand now, that this can never be you little cuck. On your hands and knees, forced to...
  2. AATBxxx

    The Other Boyfriend - Cuckold

    I’m afraid you’ve been demoted dear. Once boyfriend, now cuckold bitch. MISSROPER.COM presents... "The Other Boyfriend" CUCKOLDING - FEMDOMPOV - HANDJOBS - HUMILIATION - TEASE & DENIAL Strapped in bondage belts, gagged, and forced to watch your girlfriend stroke another man's cock; how did...
  3. AATBxxx

    Lick & Suck Foot Cuck

    Category: CUCKOLDING Related Categories: FOOT FETISH, FOOT DOMINATION, MENTAL DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM POV Keywords: Miss Roper, Raquel Roper, Wrinkled Soles, Soles, Toes, Feet, Toe Spreading On your knees, at the foot of my couch you eagerly await my instruction; I've released you...
  4. M

    Catwoman Cuckolds Robin

    This clip from Mistress B is just ridiculously hot. I'm not a fan of the cuckold fetish but it doesn't matter because the way she looks in this, I would do anything she ever wanted. Mistress B is in the hottest form of her life here as she takes the role of catwoman and makes it so...
  5. Mistress Meltz

    What a small d*ck you have-SCH, cuckold and chastity mp3

    : Listen me size you up and put you in your place at the same time. 5 min sch/sph, cuck and chastity mp3 from yours truly
  6. S

    Bitch wife and stud trampling a wimp cuckold

    Got to love these pics and clips (I do....) ***Sorry, the link stopped working*** smallwimp
  7. P

    Sad Shrunken Cuckold

    Sad Shrunken Cuckold Alright, you caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. I'm not going to deny it, I've been fucking the gardener. Yes that's right, I've been letting him put his big hard Mexican cock in my pussy and pound away at me like a pinata with his brook stick. I even let him put...
  8. P

    Rammed into my Cunt (graphic)

    Rammed Into My Cunt Oh my little shrunken cuckold husband you are in for one hell of a show tonight. If you thought simply being forced to watch me be intimate with my lover was bad how are you going to feel when I make you straddle his giant hard-on? I'm going to enjoy looking you in right...
  9. E

    For the cuckolds...

    "Getting Ready for My Date - POV" You're going to sit here and watch as Ms. Elena gets ready for Her date. While She does Her hair She'll explain to you all of your duties for the evening. Including chauffeur, fluffer, clean-up and anything else Ms. Elena and Her lover may need. Now available...
  10. M

    Princess Lyne - your cuckold wedding night

    . new at Princess Lyne's studio: Your Cuckold wedding night with Princess Lyne[/SIZE] Princess Lyne knows that you're not just "willing" to have a one-sided relationship in which you get nothing and she gets everything... It's what you secretly long for. Her destiny and yours, bound...