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    Mandy Flores - Black Widow Sisters

    . It's not "just" a facesitting clip, but there's plenty of beautiful face-sitting imagery from Mandy Flores and Allison Julius in their recent video clip... "Black Widow Sisters." The clip has what femmes fatale call a "happy ending," though of course they define this narrowly as an...
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    Tales from the Dark-er side w/ Ceara Lynch

    . What is it about my legs in nylons that gives me such power over you? Bhwhahah -- I doubt you understand it yourself. The effect of my leggings on the mind of most males is like -- well, it's pretty much a chemical reaction. A mathematical equation. Inevitable. -- Ceara Lynch...
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    Can masturbation really kill you?

    . It certainly can be if your instructor is Pussy Galore (played by Mistress T) -- And she's spiked your vodka martini with a does of DIE-agra... Yes, it's the conclusion of Mistress T's lethal face-sit from DIE-agra, part 1 -- the climax as it were -- Now online. Click here, or on the...