1. F

    Cleaning the dirty feet of a street prostitute

    I was walking around downtown last night and saw a hooker walking the streets barefoot with her big stripper heels in her hand. She was decent as far as streetwalkers go, a little chubby, less than perfect skin indicating a meth problem probably, but a fairly pretty face . I was walking behind...
  2. M

    Mistress Claire's stinky sneakers - smell them for yourself!

    *** Admin - pardon me if this isn't allowed here, it seemed like the most appropriate section to post this in but please feel free to move/remove if it isn't allowed *** I have decided to sell most of my shoe collection, which is pretty vast. I have sooooo many pairs of stinky sneakers, many of...
  3. UnderGiantessFeet

    Few Days Unwashed Feet Hippie Girl

    Tall hippie girl Irma humiliates foot slave. She makes him to lick her very dirty and unwashed a few days feet. She was at a festival in nature. You can see how many dirt and old sweat accumulated on her soles. Her feet very stinky and taste of her foot sweat so strong. The slave is just lucky...
  4. UnderGiantessFeet

    Extreme! Very Dirty Wellies Boots

    Pretty girl Melinda forces male slave to clean her hunter wellies boots. Her boots are extremely dirty from top to bottoms. She was walking in the forest and the swamp. Melinda often orders to swallow pieces of mud from her boots. She smiles when her slave suffers and chokes on the mud. The...
  5. UnderGiantessFeet

    Dirty Boots For Lesbian's Tongue

    Dirty boot domination clip with milf model Skyler. She came to shoot in her dirty boots. This is her everyday unwashed boots. Skyler makes slave girl Linda to lick all street dirt from boots, Inclusive from the soles. Skyler knows how many disgusting filth on bottoms of her boot and she does not...
  6. UnderGiantessFeet

    Debra Extremely Dirty Feet

    Debra makes me to clean her extremely dirty feet. I am licking and swallowing all disgusting dirt and mud from her pretty soles. Debra rubs my face with her dirty feet. She slaps my face with her flip flops. Also, Debra spits in my mouth. https://clips4sale.com/studio/87135/under-girls-feet
  7. UnderGiantessFeet

    Clean My Sexy Boots Stupid Lesbian Slave

    Cruel beautiful girl Lexie humiliates lesbian slave Lucy. She makes slave Lucy to clean dirty sexy black boots. Lucy licks and swallows all street dirt and dust from boots. She sucks Lexie’s boots like a good slut. You can see how she disgusted because dirt nasty taste. Lucy looks so poor with...
  8. UnderGiantessFeet

    Milf Mistress Dirty Feet Licking

    New clip with beautiful milf mistress Skyler. She makes me to lick her dirty feet. This is a difficult task for me because her soles are very dirty. Skyler orders me to lick and swallow all dirt from her soles. She forces me to suck her dirty and pretty toes. Also she slaps my face with feet and...
  9. UnderGiantessFeet

    Whose boots would you like to lick?

    Whose boots would you like to lick?
  10. UnderGiantessFeet

    Linda Licks Prostitute's Dirty Boots

    New model Crystal, she is a street prostitute. Usually she fucks and sucks dick in cars. I told her that she is beautiful as a goddess and I want to shoot her as a mistress. I asked her not to wash her work boots. I said that slave girl wants to clean them with her tongue. She was surprised...
  11. UnderGiantessFeet

    Bad Girl Sweaty Foot Humiliation

    Ingrid is cruel bad girl who likes to humiliate poor guys. She forces me to lick her dirty sneakers and sniff her stinky sweaty socks. She wears white socks, so you can see dirty foot prints on them. I take off her socks with my teeth. She orders me to lick her pretty, bare soles. I love to...
  12. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Dirty Boots Schickse

    New model - young and cruel girl Helga in sexy brutal boots. She makes slave girl Linda to worship her dirty boots. Linda licks street dirt from boots, including very dirty soles. Helga tramples slave’s back and hands. She stands on her hands and orders to lick boots. Poor Linda suffers, because...
  13. UnderGiantessFeet

    Slave Girl Licks Dirty Boots! Everyday Wearing!

    Cruel lady Irma forces poor slave girl to clean very dirty boots with her tongue. You can see many splashes of dirt on top of her boots. Irma wears these boots every day for her work. Poor slave girl licks all this dirt. She looks unhappy. Then Irma orders to lick dirt from soles of her boots...
  14. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Dirty Converse Loser!

    New clip with beautiful and cute model Debra. She forces me to lick her dirty and well-worn old Converse shoes. I do not know where she was walking but her shoes are very dirty. I lick and swallow all street dirt and grime from bottoms of her Converse. I have to say that the taste was awful! But...
  15. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Dirty Combat Boots!

    New long boot domination clip with amazing model Angie. She wears brutal black combat boots and sexy leggings. Angie forces me to lick her dirty boots and tramples my face. She orders me to lick and swallow all disgusting street dirt from bottoms of her boot. I hurt my tongue with deep tread...
  16. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Dirty Tasty Soles Licking

    Big dirty feet after barefoot walking. Yasmine makes me to clean her gorgeous big soles. She orders me to lick and swallow all disgusting dirt and grime from her 10US feet. So tasty mix with dirt and sweat from her soles. You can see how her soles become cleaner and cleaner after slave's tongue...
  17. UnderGiantessFeet

    Gymnast Girl Dirty Feet For Slave Lucy!

    Sexy gymnast and dancer girl Jennifer forces slave Lucy to worship feet. Her soles are dirty after walking barefoot. So, r slave girl Lucy licks dirty, sweaty soles. Just look at her suffering face. She really is very unpleasant. But, Jennifer does not worry about it, she orders to remove all...
  18. UnderGiantessFeet

    Deep Tread Soles And A Lot Of Mud 4K\FullHD

    Nikki forces me to clean her muddy boots. Damn! She is really crazy and cruel. She was walking in the park after rain in her rubber boots. A lot of mud stuck in her boots with deep tread soles. This is a nightmare for me. I was literally choked with mud. Nikki is constantly forced me to swallow...
  19. UnderGiantessFeet

    Dirt Cleaning Foot Slut

    New young and very cute model – Emma. She has long and slender legs and elegant feet with long toes. In this clip, she makes slave girl Linda to lick dirty feet. Emma walked barefoot and her feet are extremely dirty now. Poor Linda, but it's her job – cleaning girls feet. She lick all street...
  20. UnderGiantessFeet

    Shine My Sexy Dirty Boots Bitch 4K\FullHD

    New cruel amazing model – Joselyn! She came to shooting in sexy and elegant black boots. She said, “This bitch will lick dirt from my boots, Really?! She is just disgusting bitch. I just imagine how much street dirt and grime on my boots, Eww!!!” Joselyn makes slave girl Linda to lick all dirt...