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    Nicole and Sara Aikawa!!! FaceSit TOGETHER!!!

    I just returned from a 2nd trip to Japan this year and was able to shoot with the amazing Sara Aikawa! We tortured this poor little Japanese soul with our gigantic asses. Facesitting, boob smothering and general squashing ensue and he is begging for mercy. Plus...why not watch just to see our...
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    Nicole in Japan Part 3!!!

    So as you can see from my previous post, our team made a 2nd trip for the year to Japan! It was a blast...not only did we see some AMAZING sites, which I will post a pic of but we also shot some GREAT content. My first update is of me sitting on a tiny little Japanese man...he is 100 pounds...
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    Mistress Nicole & Vallery Vixen Facesit!!

    Hi Guys!!! I just updated my website, http://www.dirtylittlediva.com with new facesitting and squashing content featuring me and Vallery Vixen! It's always so much fun to have a sexy BBW join in on the fun!!! Come see...
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    BBW Goddess Nicole & Amazon Amanda - Double Facesitting Sessions in Los Angeles!

    The ULTIMATE FACESITTING experience is coming to Los Angeles, March 16-18!! Me and Amazon Amanda are offering double facesitting sessions and you do not want to pass up this life altering occurrence! Contact AmazinGoddessAmanda@yahoo.com to set it up!! No nudity, No Sex, No Release!
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    BBW Mistress Nicole Session Review

    I’ve had a lot of sessions in my day, either with Notable bbw's/ssbbw's, amazons, or just with one of my past gf's. None of them compare to the intensity of the session I had with BBW Mistress Nicole aka Dirty Little Diva. She has been in the scene for 8 years and consistently puts out great...
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    Kelsey Struggles Under Nicole's Massive Naked Ass!

    You guys have been requesting things and I just wanted to say...I AM LISTENING! In my newest video added to http://www.dirtylittlediva.com, I punish Kelsey by lifting and carrying her upstairs, throwing her on my bed and facesitting her. I realize that the soft bed is a little too...
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    BBW Nicole Full Weight FaceSits Tiny Odette!!!

    Hi!!! I know lots of you love have been requesting facesitting between myself and my skinny girlfriend Odette. In this newest set of photos and video, I crush her tiny body with my massive booty and thighs. Plus I add a little chest sitting in as well because I love feeling her tiny body...
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    BBW Nicole Facesits, Squashes, Smothers Odette Until She Passes Out!

    YES! You heard right... I give it to her FULL WEIGHT! She has such a hard time handling it that she ultimately passes out from the pressure and lack of oxygen, haha, it was super intense! Facesitting, chestsitting, smothering, squashing, just what you've been asking for! I went for a little...
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    Giantess Nicole? It Sure Seems Like It Next to Tiny Odette!

    I have been getting TONS of requests to shoot with a skinny chick, so your wish is my command! It was a fun filled day and this set is ONLY the beginning. We did a size comparison set and wow… the difference is enormous! It’s amazing at how BIG I look standing next to a girl that weights 90...
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    BBW Nicole Chest Sits Then FaceSits Her Captive!

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted. Life continues and I figured I'd share what I've been up to. It's been a long while since I had a cushion's head under my big ass plus I thought I'd suppress his air supply with a little chest sitting. The pressure was immense, I thought I was going to...
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    Nicole Demands Some Ass Worshiping! Imagine Life Spent Behind Her HUGE ASS!

    Hi friends and fans! I just updated my site, http://www.dirtylittlediva.com, with a HOT 8 minute video of my ass getting thoroughly worshiped and played with. YUM! There is even a little squirting action at the end when he moves from my ass to pussy. It felt oohhh so good. Imagine that YOU...
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    Nicole LOVES Suffocating With Her GIANT Ass! - Small Vid Preview Inside!

    What are the side effects of me sitting on your face? Well check this little clip out. I wanted to show me doing a little booty play and how I allow him to catch some air between the full weight facesitting and face smothering! The video pic captures show more of the full weight and other...
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    Nicole Slams 330 lbs on his Face and Chest

    Hi guys, I just added four butt drop and facesitting clips to my site, DirtyLittleDiva.com, for a total of about 25 mins of new video. I have built up a nice sub section inside my website for this facesitting/smothering and other domination fetishes with 28 Photo Sets and 32 Clips that will...