dixie wrecked

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    I love your jusicy fat peaches want to shake your tree.

    Dixie is naughty naughty naughty and she came up with this masterbation idea. She is Georgian so she took some peaches and got messy and sticky with peaches and whip cream. Using them to make her self orgasam over and over then licking off the juices. Dixie definately knows what it takes to...
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    Hot wax and how evil is redhottie really

    Here I am looking just about as evil as i can look. I really got into coating Dixie with this hot wax she likes a little pain.....and i was just the Demoness to give it too her. And no thats not my wonka thats my tail ....I am going to start a buy redhottie a thrusting panther toy for xmas...