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    Good for what Ails you

    She leaned back in her chair, extending her legs and putting her boots on the table. "What can we do for you today Mr Johnstone?" I stared at her boots. I normally can't look at doctors in the eye, and this one was no different but the way she was sitting meant I couldn't look away from her...
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Do we have Medical Fetish admirers in the

    Building? I added some Medical Fetish BBW Style Yes I also go by Nurse Vicki was a Nurse for 15 years, I also am sometimes the victim LOL ! So check them out here I also take request so please feel free to tell me! :devil:
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    New Facesitting Story

    This is a story I posted in 'LITEROTICA' under my nom de plume, Thorilla...... David's Doctor by Thorilla I had to attend an appointment with my general practitioner Dr. Cooke at 11.30am and they were running late. It was a medium sized village practice with quite a large patient...