doll fetish

  1. JulieSimone

    Nikki Giantess Doll Crush

    Nikki Sebastian gleefully tramples a doll while wearing jeans shorts, a crop top that exposes her stomach and sandals. She tramples the doll's body and head until the head pops off! Then she tramples the doll some more, laughing all the while at how big she is and how little, tiny and weak the...
  2. C

    Time for Toot Torture! (doll fetish) Hello everyone! My name is Gwen, join me on my naughty adventures with my only son Cory. This Fantasy involves me spending quality bonding time with my son as I start to tickle his feet and eventually straddle his helpless little face and rip nasty...
  3. Zonda

    Buttcrush Doll

    Buttcrush Doll HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Wild, cruel, sexy, merciless, this clip is AMAZING, Latina Babe Natacha wants to torture, destroy and humiliates a doll and takes on a poor ugly doll in the forest and wearing a sexy sport outfit enjoys sitting on it, spitting, slapping, stomping...
  4. G

    Ebony GTS Destroi- Small men were born 2 be Crushed!

    Life with Little Lying Larry Episode#3 Larry's Late again My tiny little excuse of a boyfriend Larry is late to meet up and he knows I have plans for the day. My patience is running thin and he must be punished. I let out all my furry on his tiny body as soon as he scurried his pathetic ass...
  5. G


    Have you any clue of how many places you can stuff a puny man? I make sure Little Larry is kept in a snug place his tiny ass can't escape from. Little Larry needs to suffer once again. Can you figure out where I stuffed my pathetic LOSER of a miniature man? Enjoy the view of my curvaceous...
  6. M

    Stormy Shares a Smother video!!

    Edited for Content All her clips can be viewed at :
  7. S

    Sarah Big Butt - FEMDOM – inflatable guy tortured, he's on a leash this time

    I was in a mood to torture someone, had to vent my anger a little. So I used my inflatable doll guy, put him on a leash and used him to let off steam. I kicked him pretty hard, did some facesitting, pressed his head between my thighs... see for yourself, be sure he had to suffer. Interesting cam...