1. JulieSimone

    Rubber Dolly in Chains

    Video Update : From the AVN Nominated DVD "Julie Simone is a Dominatrix", Hoodman is dressed as a rubber doll complete with clear latex stockings, bodysuit, bra, gloves, a hood w a mask and wig over it, adorable latex panties and heavy grade rubber leg and wrist restraints. He's chained to a...
  2. S

    Sarah BIG BUTT crushes little guy between thunder thighs!!

    Hi, I thought it was time to wrestle my cute little doll guy named Ken a little. I wear too tight spandex trousers (waistband cut really deep into my belly!!) .- I nearly suffocated him, buried him under my big booty and body. pressed him between my fat thighs.. He had to suffer a lot ,-) Would...
  3. M

    Stormy Shares a Smother video!!

    Edited for Content All her clips can be viewed at :
  4. S

    Sarah BIG BUTT right in YOUR FACE!!

    sarah Big Butts - facesitting, tight spandex hi, this is me, Sarah, this time I decided to choose a new angle for the camera, directly below the head of my poor slave... Gives the whole set a new dimension ;) Slave had to suffer under my full weight,could barely breath under my BIG ASS ;) I...