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    SSBBW Duo traveling to Detroit, MI Sept. 14-15th

    Have you dreamed of being dominated by 400+ pounds? Completely submitting yourself to over 70" of booty? Both Goddess Ivy and Goddess Malice are Cleveland based Dommes available for an assortment of sessions. We enjoy squashing, face sitting, humiliation, sissification, smothering, feederism...
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    Forward Facing Butt Bombs on Bobby

    This was actually quite funny. On many of my drops, Bobby actually tried to catch me. I'm not sure what he was thinking unless he actually wants broken arms. :eek: Regardless, he actually handled these quite well. Granted, there were some periods of outright struggle and terror, as you can tell...
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    Black Domina in Latex Catsuit

    Happy Latex Week everybody!!! Am celebrating with 2 of my favorite images! 1 I am in a latex catsuit, and in the 2nd my rubber slave is in a red latex catsuit. Love the contrasts, love the rubber :rainfro:
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    Begging to massage her pretty pink soles

    Miss Alexia just caught you staring at her dangling her sexy red high heels. You could not keep your eyes off her high arches which she teasingly exposed and then giggled at your reaction. You sank to your knees and begged to massage her meaty pink soles. “There is some dirt on them, first...
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    Glam Worship Mistress Lucy

    :hornydevil:Strict Financial Mistress looking for new pathetic money slaves to worship at my feet...........
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    How to Piss-Off A Hottie-Part 2

    Author's Note: This is Part 2 of a story I wrote 10 some-odd years ago and recently discovered it as I reviewed old back-up files. I advise you to go read Part 1 first so you will understand the sequence of events... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I...
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    How to Piss-Off A Hottie-Part 1

    Author's Note: This is a story I wrote 10 some-odd years ago and recently discovered it as I reviewed old back-up files. After 10 years, and looking at the evolution of the clips4sale and other BDSM porn sites...I see that this fictional story is timeless as far as the evolution of the nature...
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    Dominant wrestling with Rosey!

    Check out the HOT new clip starring Rosey! She is a Dominant beauty who wrestles her opponent into submission, using lots of sexy Scissor holds! She hog ties him and humiliates him...and makes him beg for mercy! See it here:
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    This 3D models make your fantasies come true!

    Photorealistic 3D rendering means that your fantasies can be realised in a way that dosen´t really differ much from reality. Animations with natural voice and pictures that is hard to differ from real photos. Greetings from Lou Ferrox 3D animator and 3D illustrator.