double mistress

  1. S

    Brutal Belting By 2 Sadists

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM time for a double dose thrashing today! we have british pro doms mistress whiplash and miss jessica today dishing out a punishment to remember. they bring their...
  2. C

    **Double Torture By Angry Mistresses**

    Lucky slave gets the double treat. See the free video preview here.
  3. E

    The Foot Slut Gets Double Punished!

    This foot slut has been getting awfully greedy. He just wants all the feet he can get. Well Myself and Miss Varla are give him all the feet he can handle and ten some. We take turns gagging, choking, slapping, kicking and trampling him. he should have been careful what he wished for. Now...
  4. M

    Rubber Studio - Smoking Out Slave x

    Smoking out slave X Mistress Valera has decided to deprive Her slave the privilege of smoking for an entire week. At the end of the week, she brings in Goddess Omi to have some fun at his expense. They put him in a latex body bag and secure his body to the bondage bed to insure he hasn’t an...
  5. M

    Rubber Studio - new clips, RUINED ORGASM!!! (Trilogy)

    Waiting to Cum Part I Goddess Omi and Mistress Valera, adorned in skin tight shiny latex, decide they are going to tease and torture their slave. First, they force him into a body-bag and push him onto the bondage table, leaving his entire body encased, with the exception of his cock - which...
  6. MistressRouge

    The Scream Team - Brutal Bliss Clip.

    Available at My Clipstore & Members Site. The Scream Team - Brutal Bliss. Mistress Roug'e presents The Scream Team. Featuring Dominant Sadists Mistress Roug'e & Maestra Morgan, very cruel and natural sadists team up for a Masochists Dream. Brutal Bliss features, whipping, caning...