ebony giantess

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    My Annoying little BOYFRIEND-(GTS Special Effects)

    While studying, my puny little boyfriend IT made a point of watching his Football game so loud that I couldn't concentrate. How inconvenient! I'm not one that likes my patience fucked with. Being that he has dwindled down due to bad behaviors, not aware of how SMALL he really is. Standing...
  2. Mistress Meltz

    A ride for Mistress

    I had a few friends over last week for Halloween. I had a blast. A few of my friends came over to view some pre party video shooting with a new white sub and boi cherry. Watch my nude sub take me for a ride on his back. You can hear my friends in the background while we socialize and have a good...
  3. Mistress Meltz

    Tribute video

    Alex Chapmon is a BDSM artist and cartoon maker. He recently made a tribute photo gallery of me. Chek it out on youtube http://youtu.be/D3pqsFQxj_A
  4. Mistress Meltz

    Sensual smoker

    I love enjoying a smoke while you watch me and become excited thinking about how my full lips caress the cigarette while I lick my lips and blow smoke directly in your face. See my latest smoking fetish video now! See my clips store http://www.clips4sale.com/1043 Join my fetish...
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    Trapped Inside Her CLEAR BOTTOM Jelly Sandals

    Inside Her Clear Bottom Shoe Its ladies night and I was invited over to a friends house for drinks. Hmmm... what to do with LARRY's LYING WHORE ASS? I couldn't think of any better way to keep an eye on him than to stuff inside my clear bottom jelly. Smashing his tiny ass with each step...
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    Ebony Giantess Mind FUCK- SHRINKING Visual HYPNO

    Keep your eyes focused on the screen and take in my message. You will find yourself dwindling down with each word getting lost in the shadow of my powerful FOOT crashing down. A Hypnotic Erotic Creative Expression Enjoy the TRIP and be thankful for the MIND SHRINK...
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    Ebony Giantess Destroi- DATE NIGHT & LARRY INSIDE MY Sweaty hose-FINAL

    I finally reached the point where Ive found that the various stomp outs are not enough punishment for my tiny boyfriend. He has yet to learn that trying to deceive a POWERFUL EBONY GIANTESS is just plain :SUICIDE:. I decide to take a different route in proving my authority. I stuff him in my...
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    2 Ebony Giantess & Our tiny Foot Cushion POV/ FREE 4 min clip

    Candid Clip- 2 barefoot Ebony Giantess Clipstore Premiere. Men are so fucking small in my WORLD! Myself and Arianna ignore tiny Larry and pass his meaningless body around with our feet while not even acknowledging his worthless existence. Long Pink Toenails,Barefeet,Dirty, Ebony Soles...