edge play

  1. JulieSimone

    Heavy Rubber Breathplay pt 4 - Sauna Bag

    from the DVD "Breathless", curvy redhead Julie Simone puts a clear latex sauna bag over Felix's already hooded head. Julie closes off the airhole so Felix is forced to re-breathe his own air over and over again. Felix tries to fight back but he's mummified in a latex sheet and tied down to a...
  2. D

    Oh Shit – the movie

    It sounds like Scat Princess wants to make a movie version of Hungry Guy's story Oh Shit! From Scat Princess I hope that will become a great movie. In Hungry Guy's stories Oh Shit and Oh Poo-Poo where are both human toilets for the gentlemen and the ladies. If a night club like...
  3. M

    CBT and ass violation with heel

    I'm bored and decide I want to humiliate my slave for my amusement. I'm feeling like anal tonight. I put a surgical cord around his balls and tied a rope through the cord. This allows for full control pulling him back by his balls forcing my heel into that tight asshole. I even put both off my...