1. NatalyaSadici

    Prepared For Use(enema instructions)

    The following video is now available for purchase at https://clips4sale.com/30362/sadici-studios/cid26425036f2ed09c88bfaf57838 Prepared For Use It's come to My attention you need proper instruction on preparing yourself. Oh no, I don't mean simply showering, shaving, and clipping your nails...
  2. JulieSimone

    Enema Expelling w Smoking Tease

    Curvy Mistress Julie Simone administers a large enema to a slave. He is on his hands and knees & She uses him as a human chair. Once the enema has been emptied into his bowels, Julie makes him empty the enema in front of Her so She can see how clean he is or isn't. Julie teases the slave by...
  3. JulieSimone

    Trailer - Enema Mouthsoaping Diaper Humiliation

    Watch it http://www.juliesbitchboys.com/trailers/trailer_enema_diaper_mouthsoaping_web.mp4 Buy it http://www.clips4sale.com/9861 Julie Simone can just tell when a submissive is lying about how clean their ass is. So She designed a little test. She gives the submissive a 1.5 liter...
  4. JulieSimone

    Enema Expelling Humiliation

    Enema Expelling Humiliation Mistress Julie Simone administers a large enema (1.5 L!) then forces the slave to expel it in front of Her. She makes fun of him while he farts and squirts, adding to his humiliation. Julie wears a blue latex skirt and top and black wrist length latex gloves, the...
  5. J

    Sydnee Capri's FUNKY Introduction!!

    Come see big booty Ebony Porn Star Sydnee Capri make her Gassy Nasty intro on Ladies Keeping It funky!!! See More at clips4sale.com/66935 & scatshop.com/girls/funkyladies!!
  6. M

    Giant Enema for Ashley Dobbs

    I am excited to announce that I Lizzy the Queen Of Farts had so much fun giving AshleyDobbs her very first enema. Yes you heard me right. . . I gave Ashley Dobbs an enema!!!! And I used a huge authentic medical enema bag to assure complete cleansing of her colon. This was all part of a custom...
  7. E

    Medical Fetish Dallas 17th-20th

    Key words: Lube, gloves, OTK spanking/paddle, Toys, Tens, Sounds, Nursing Maid, Body worship, Stocking/Foot fetish, Medical play, Colonic, prostate exam, AB, ED. friendly. http://www.nursecarrie.com Free pictures, videos, reviews and rates start as low as $200 hour $300 two hours Book now...
  8. JulieSimone

    Femdom Enema Spank

    Blonde Dominatrix Julie Simone administers an enema then forces Her slave to hold it in while She gives him a spanking. How long can he hold it? Buy the clip at http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/9861 Mistress Julie Simone Based in NYC Houston : Feb 16-21 Essen Germany : March 29-April...
  9. B

    Enema Ecstacy

    Mistress inserts the liquid and squirts the juice from her perfect asshole all over her slaves cock. She continues to release gallons of her ass juice until the slave is drenched. http://clips4sale.com/58465/7041657 http://clips4sale.com/58465
  10. B

    New Backyard Degredation Clips added

    Clips store: http://c4s.com/14487 Members area (which includes several videos and image galleries): http://bizarre-cinema.com *New Backyard Degredation Clips added* 2) Backyard Enema : Since the skinny twat doesn't eat, the Ladies think that feeding him anally works just fine...
  11. B

    POV Enema Slave

    Mistress is covered in leather from head to spiked heel boots towering over you. She then looks down on you as she turns and releases a ton of ass juice as stream after stream squirts all over your slave face. http://clips4sale.com/58465/7041695 Mistress Live http://FetishNetLive.com
  12. B

    The Human Toilet

    Mistress has her slave on the floor where he belongs as she spits all over his face. She then releases gallon after gallon her piss covering her human urinal all over his toilet face. http://clips4sale.com/58465/7041675 Mistress Live http://FetishNetLive.com
  13. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Do we have Medical Fetish admirers in the

    Building? I added some Medical Fetish BBW Style Yes I also go by Nurse Vicki was a Nurse for 15 years, I also am sometimes the victim LOL ! So check them out here http://fetishvideos.com/store/toptenamateurdotcomslashNurseVicki I also take request so please feel free to tell me! :devil:
  14. MistressRouge

    Rubber Nurse - Anal Clinic - Part One - Internal and Enema.

    Added to My Clips4sale Store & Members Site :) Rubber Nurse - Anal Clinic - Part One - Internal and Enema. Nurse Rubber has her patient Mr Patterson in her Anal Clinic. Her patient is complaining of constipation, and Nurse Rubber has just the treatment for him. First Rubber Nurse Roug'e...