face fart

  1. M

    Face Farts with Ashley Dobbs

    Since a lot of you guys ask me what Ashley Dobbs farts smell like I decided to answer your question here. All I can say is… pure heaven and hell! But seriously. . . It all depends on what she ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner the prior day. So I guess you could say diet is everything and...
  2. B

    Skinny boy facesitting fart

    This skinny boy gets it right in his face. Destinys huge ass sitting on his head, taking his breath away and followed by a nice fart. Imagine being completely smothered by 350lbs and having her fart while smothering your face.. that is exactly what this clip is. www.DesiresDirtyDeeds.com
  3. U

    Alice and Simone?

    Where an I find their store? I am in love with their videos but idk where to get any..help? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEROKRjQ5Sw http://motherless.com/13EF392
  4. Platinum Puzzy

    NEW VIDEO: Facesitting Fart Foul

    Face Fart When he disobeys me, I sit on his face and force him to wiff the stink from my ass. In this clip, my slave has NO idea what he is in store for when a long stinky fart comes stretching from my ass, polluting his face with my tainted gas! VIEW THE FREE PREVIEW HERE PURCHASE THE VIDEO...
  5. F

    i want a big ass to fart on my face

    all girls who are into face farting,contact me please,i'm ready
  6. F

    Faceriding Fart Torture

    Faceriding Fart Torture Preview Video After eating tofu chili, Yuliya decides to torture fart face by riding his face nude, and blasting long raunchy farts down his nose and mouth. She bounces up and down while releasing long putrid farts. She grabs fart face by the hair and shoves his face...
  7. G

    Available to Facesit you!

    Naughty slaves need to be facesit on a regular basis so that they understand who's the boss!
  8. S

    Face Fart Sessions!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend Brianna is interested in doing live FACE FART/Ass Sniffing sessions with anyone who is interested. Brianna is 19 years old and really needs the money for her tuition. Sessions will take place in the Stockton, Modesto, Manteca, or Tracy...