face sitting

  1. loosecannon

    Facesitting / Queening / Smothering / Ass Worship With Kinky Caramel

    It's Face Sitting Season With Yours Truly https://www.clips4sale.com/store/105592
  2. B

    The Encounter with older, glasses wearing, Man and Naughty bbw Nurse Vicki PART 2 Face sitting

    This is the first face sitting clip ive done since my Ex and I parted over 1 and half years ago So It is part 2 but the hot part where i sit on my new play mates face ! Clothing off, time for her to suck his cock, something as you may know she loves doing! Then he lays down and she sits on his...
  3. breathless50

    Facesitting on a cling wrapped man

    Dear All, A helpless victim! Here's what happens: He wakes up as I finish wrapping his whole body in plastic wrap or cling film. He can’t move at all, just as I want, because I’m going to tease him with my feet to get some of my scents onto him and then sit on his face forwards and backwards...
  4. W

    Fair Use Question

    I like unscripted farting in face sitting clips. These are clips that are sold as face sitting clips with no mention of farting. If I were to post a 15 second clip from a 5+ minute video asking others if they believe that the noise was indeed a fart, would the clip fall under fair use? To be...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Oral slave Smothered in Jeans

    ORAL SLAVE SMOTHERED IN JEANS Welcome to sexual slavery, bitch! We've got you captured in Our Female Utopia - you wandered into the wrong area, you virulent penis-haver. It's time for your training - this is what your new life will be like, until the day you end. I will force you to orally...
  6. maxsgpin

    New Video # 225 Tanned girl rides again. Sgpin humiliation dance

    New Video # 225 Tanned girl rides again. Sgpin humiliation dance A new schoolgirlpin session in the living room by your favorite sexy tanned girl showing her chubby perfect dominant legs to trap her enemy on carpet. FIGHTING,BOUNCE, SCHOOLGIRLPIN ,QUEENING DANCE , FACESITTING. HUMILIATION …...
  7. Alesya20

    Sexy Princess 0149 Morgana stands on his body with huge heels and feels no pity for the slave

    Sexy Princess 0149 Morgana stands on his body with huge heels and feels no pity for the slave https://clips4sale.com/85501/beautiful-girls/cide59fc609f9371a3401006afb4e ↓↓↓ PUSH ↓↓↓ Young Princess Morgana Best Video Studio beautiful-girls! Pantyhose Domination Sexy Morgana Girl the size of...
  8. Alesya20

    0159 The slave is broken! His movements are blocked

    0159 The slave is broken! His movements are blocked The slave is broken! His movements are blocked, and he can no longer harm his Mistress. He cannot say that he does not want it. The...
  9. Alesya20

    Sexy girls! Clip 004 Princess Morgana has the biggest and most beautiful ass

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/134495/20557699/Sexy+girls%21+Clip+004+Princess+Morgana+has+the+biggest+and+most+beautiful+ass%28wmv%29 Sexy girls! Clip 004 Princess Morgana has the biggest and most beautiful ass(wmv)...
  10. maxsgpin

    New Video # 216 The revenge of brunette on top of tanned girl.

    New Video # 216 The revenge of brunette on top of tanned girl. A new schoolgirlpin domination fight at home by the two old enemies in jeans. LONG SCHOOLGIRLPIN AND CATFIGHT for you pleasure. If you dream in jeans schoolgirlpin for a long time, that’s for you ...
  11. breathless50

    Scissored, Smothered, Tied And Executed

    I’m a bounty hunter and I’ve tracked down my prey who is wanted for not acknowledging the superiority of women and cornered him in a house. He’s exhausted from the chase and I taunt him as I approach. I’m an expert martial artists and street fighter and before he can react, I knee him in the...
  12. maxsgpin

    New Videos #201 and #202 all catfight and schoolgirlpins in private living room

    These two homemade schoolgirlpin fighting girls shows the private pleasure of long schoolgirlpin at home. Jeans, shorts afre the dresses to fight. Enjoy the rolling fight on the carpet and the secure and long schoolgirlpins as the best domination and queening humiliation...
  13. normbob

    'Face sitting as payment', from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, IRIS has a fantastic pair of asses and she knows how to use them when necessary. As in this clip in which she pays her new pair of 'Domme' boots by sitting on the pervert sub salesman's face. And here she goes, totally covering his face with her smelly, huge and beautiful butt. Of...
  14. AATBxxx

    No Chance Of Victory Against Lacey Legs

    NEW today on ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM... This is Part Two of a custom video fantasy brought to life by AATB! Part one can be found on the site as well, though is entirely face sitting. Customer's script: "Lacey is quite fit and athletic girl so she joined this mixed wrestling competition to...
  15. maxsgpin

    NEW IMAGE SETS #008, #009, #010 and #011 of The Longest SGPIN collection (4 albums !)

    Photos of he best most exciting images of our longest schoolgirlpin collection videos. Enjoy in the living room privacy the longest humiliations and funny fights ending ever long schoolgirlpins. Look at mature and young females using their chubby or fat legs to get long and pleasant sitting...
  16. normbob

    'Face sitting humiliation' from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, After having taken a dump in the toilet, SCARLET, the "high-intensity" Mistress, notices that the slave forgot to buy toilet paper. How embarrassing!! Now it's time to punish the lousy sub. "You want to know how my asses smell because of you?!!" and then she puts her fantastic...
  17. Kandy_Kink

    Big and Small!

    Adding new pics to the pic-of-day page and these came up in a row. Xi is tiny and Jewels large, quite a contrast but irresistible to any lover of face sitting I'd think!
  18. lanaluxor

    Lana’s Extreme Ass Smothering

    41 minutes of jam packed luscious face sitting/face riding!!!! Lana Luxor decides to punish her very annoying nerdy, gamer roommate by tricking him into her bedroom by stealing his portable video game handheld. While wearing a sexy one piece leopard print leotard, she lures him on to her bed...
  19. Alesya20

    Today Trina is guilty again

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/85501/beautiful-girls#cid86bb0c8eb3050346258f38a1f0 054_ Today Trina is guilty again. She wants to be as beautiful as her Mistress Berty. But the slave cannot wear clothes. She should only walk in what the Mistress gives her. While Bertie was not at home, Trina...
  20. Alesya20

    098 Bertie Face Sitting Spitting Humiliation

    098 Bertie Face Sitting Spitting Humiliation