face smothering

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    Sunni Daye and her slave slut bucket

    Sunni Daye has some fun torturing her hopeless slave. She likes to have her slave smothered in her hairy pussy. Her slave worships her feet and shows appreciation for her high heels. Check her out at http://www.clips4sale.com/68329
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    Worship Mistress Selena-Footstool & Smother

    It's my slave ava's turn to offer her face as a footstool while I smother her with my sexy feet and she worships them. *Selena* http://worshipselena.com http://clips4sale.com/studio/54571/Worship-Selena
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    Face Sitting in Hot Tight Jeans!

    Hello to all Jeans Face Sitting lovers! I shot this clip last week, so it's fresh from the oven. I totally adore My new, hot, and tight (cheap too!) jeans. Here is the preview and the link to My c4s store. I hope you like it :)
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    Pictures of Face Smothering in Sexy Pantyhose! e

    Pictures of Face Smothering in Sexy Pantyhose! I love how these images turned out! My favorite is #5 :) If anybody cares to get this hot video, it is available on FemDomWrestle!
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    Paris Destroys A Delivery Boy

    A Delivery Boys Dream Becomes A Tickling Nightmare Every delivery boy dreams of having 2 beautiful women like Paris Kennedy and Catherine stroking their cocks. This delivery boy is in for a major shock though, you see these 2 hotties enjoy ruining guys orgasms. Catherine milks his cock...
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    Porn star face sitting

    Porn star facesitting Porn star ivy winters sits on her dogs face. Lynn love does a little face sitting and douches on her pigs face as she lol : http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36128
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    Human Stress Ball

    Welcome to My world of human furniture once again. In this video, I whip My seat cushion's cock, smother him under My ass full weight, kick and slap his package while I am still sitting on his face, perform all possible scissor holds and head locks on him. I laugh a lot at his weak attempts to...
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    Love me, love me not

    You are sleeping and dreaming of a beautiful woman wearing full body black spandex. She enters your room softly and starts caressing you, gliding her elastic body against yours. She plays with your hair, she touches your penis; you can feel her wetness through the spandex on her crotch...
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    Facesitting in bikini

    Check out the latest update at Erotica Salon - "Your face to sit on: Bikini Lines". In this video I do full weight facesitting in many different positions, run and jump on My seat-cushion, play My favorite "1 second to breathe before I seal you" game where I lift My ass for a second and sit on...