face standing

  1. R

    Ruby Enraylls Trampling; Sharp as Nails Part Two

    https://iwantclips.com/store/13000/Mistress-Ruby-Enraylls/222433/Sharp-As-Nails-Part-Two http://www.clips4sale.com/47951/16583860 “You may have a future as a shoe salesman after all, that’s far more comfortable!” Mistress Ruby says with a smirk, looking down at the victim beneath her. What a...
  2. Zonda

    Your Ugly Face Belongs To Isabel HD

    Your Ugly Face Belongs To Isabel HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - The face of Goddess Isabel's slave is even good enough to fuck it with her feet and to abuse it as a carpet. Latina Goddess Isabel has the face of the baldy slave literally cemented on the floor. She is on top of her slave whilst...
  3. disko1

    Pudding Foot Video

    :bananajum The attached GIF is from my video "Asian Monkeysitter". It features beautiful Asian Goddess Miki dominating and humiliating Black slave girl Quida, with head and face trampling, foot worship, face sitting, and face slapping. You can visit my clip store at...
  4. FlattenedOne

    Felicity's Bone Crushing Camo Trample

    Felicity has to be one of the heaviest 150 lbers out there. Though she's our lightest model, she commands her weight with such authority that every minute under her feels like a "finishing move". When she sits, she bounces and drops. When she stands, she jumps and mercilessly tramples your...
  5. M

    NEW updatesm FACE TRAMPLE

    The store is updated again. Lots of full weight face trample! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/10646
  6. PSarah

    Bikini Trample

    We're going to a pool party - let's chat on this fucking rug! Featuring new face & feet by Princess Ryder.
  7. M

    Trailer - More Than Your Fill of My Feet

    Now up @ Crush Kick Destroy http://www.clips4sale.com/store/33073 More Than Your Fill of My Feet Varla takes full advantage of this foot slut. She decides to overwhelm him with her feet. She teases him a bit by allowing him to sniff and taste them, but she also abuses his face non stop -...
  8. G

    Trample, face/throat standing XTC

    Great new clips just posted Get them at Feet Dreams or in my Clips4Sale Store Clips are a bit less at Feet Dreams...:bananavic Awesome filmed session with a fan!
  9. JulieSimone

    Trampling in Pantyhose

    Amazon Goddess Julie Simone's friend Jack Steele thinks he can take anything She can dish out. Julie is nice and takes off Her heels, standing on his chest and legs with Her pantyhosed feet. Julie varies the pressure by getting on the balls of Her feet, which makes poor Jack scream. When he...
  10. F

    Foxy Footdom and Trampling - New clips4sale Studio! DAILY UPDATES!

    Hello footlovers! We are starting a new clips4sale store, Foxy Footdom and Trampling. Brutal and Sexy Foot Domination and Trampling from Classy Amateur Dominant Ladies Our philosophy is to keep it amateur, but at the same time with high quality action and amazing natural beautiful Ladies...
  11. Y

    Pictures of Face Smothering in Sexy Pantyhose! e

    Pictures of Face Smothering in Sexy Pantyhose! I love how these images turned out! My favorite is #5 :) If anybody cares to get this hot video, it is available on FemDomWrestle!
  12. F

    Pantyhose Domination (Facestanding, Smother, & Butt Drops)

    Pantyhose Domination Preview Video For lovers of pantyhose, smothering, and female domination - this video will surely get your attention. Yuliya starts by tying her slave up to a table so that she can stand on his face with minimal squirming. She crushes his nose and face beneath her sweaty...
  13. F

    Public Trampling and Foot Domination!!

    I've just started a clip studio on the theme of women trampling men in public settings. I'd love to have everyone's input on where to take it. Thus far I've shot trample sessions in public parks and quiet streets, but I'm all ears for ideas (realistic--nothing requiring location releases)...
  14. N


    NYOMI HAS BEEN OUT FUCKING ALL NIGHT AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE HER LITTLE CLEANER. She pulls your head into her dirty pussy and locks you in a scissorhold and makes you lick her all clean. When She's finished with your face in her pussy, she sends you off to get her cocktail. She gives...
  15. D

    Don Kichote's Trampling Laboratory

    Hi, I didn't post anything for long time, but now I have a good reason for that: Better camcorder (progressive - at last!), so this is my first test :evillaugh Object: 130 lbs mid 20's friend of my (she also rides over me with her horses, but this clip you can watch at my other YT account...
  16. ausguy25

    VERY hot face stocking trample

    last time i was in vegas Princess Sweet Sugar Feet filmed our stocking face trample session and has released the clip on her clips4 sale site. In the clip she full frontal face stands me for 90% of the video, including jumping from my chest to my face and back to my chest again. It truly is a...
  17. Y

    Your face to Stand on.

    Your face to Stand on Strong core is a must for a body to look attractive. I don't have a ball to exercise on at the moment. Come here, carpet, and lay down. I will tie you up to the table, so you don't move on Me. Relax your face muscles - I need a soft foundation. I will step on your face and...