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  1. MartinTramplingLover

    Czech Trampling Page

    Hi every who loves trampling and crushing.... My videos from Czech republic just you watch od pornhub.com and everything is FREE !!! *** NEW UPDATES *** Clip 1 : Face standing and Face crushing with nylon foot Clip 2 : Face walking and nose standing with nylon foot Clip 3 : Cock foot job...
  2. Andelo

    New Mistress (Enola Fischer) hardest face trample clip?

    I am a huge fan of face trampling and stomping . I was looking at her clip store. I have't seen clips like this one. It's one of the most brutal videos I've seen. I do not know if she caused any damage to the slave. But I love it. What do you think? How brutal is that clip for you guys? from 1...
  3. trampletime1969

    330lb Amazon Tramples Me In The Park!

    This 330lb Ebony Amazon wanted to vent some anger after a nasty divorce, and through a friend of a friend I found myself under her feet. She tried to break my nose and ribs, and jumped hard. She had more fun than I did, at one point I thought what did I get myself into!?!??! It was awesome...
  4. trampletime1969


    I met these 3 shoppers at a mall in Brazil, and they wanted to try trampling me! All 3 together, 180, 210, and 160lbs walk, stomp, and jump on me. They take turns standing on my face, and 2 of them even stand on my face at the same time! I am hoping to see them again this year, and they want...
  5. trampletime1969

    170lbs Marie's First Trample!

    My neighbor Marie, a frustrated secretary who weighs 170lbs and asked if she could try out some trampling! She had a lot of fun, and wore some painful heels, and wants to shoot more videos with me, and is also available for custom videos. Check out the new video at my store...
  6. 0

    BJ and Travis, a BBW dominates an old flame

    Travis and Betty Jo met each other for the first time when they were both 18-year-old high school seniors. Travis was a short stocky country boy and was known as a partier. He had no plans after graduation, he enjoyed living life on a whim. Betty Jo was taller than most girls in her class. She...
  7. Fetishexhibit

    Kandii Crotch Crush

    Kandii Crotch Crush If you have ever heard of the game candy crush (which can be very addicting) then you know it is something people can have lots of fun with. Kandii Kiss came another game called Kandii Crotch Crush (which is addicting to her) and it is something she has lots of fun with...
  8. M

    2 girls in second life, having fun with their slave

    One of the projects my friends and I have been working on. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/592434525953347421/ http://www.metacafe.com/watch/11528395/2-girls-having-fun-with-their-slave/
  9. F

    FREE CLIP: Happy Turkey Day from your friends at FTA ;-)

    Shot about two years ago, watch Alyssa and Ariel destroy me ;-) https://vimeo.com/112351590 Happy Holidays!!!
  10. F

    Classic Clips From FTA on Vimeo

    Just a few of my fav past times Lucy, Star, Heaven, and Stomponia making me clean their filthy feet while they trample me. https://vimeo.com/106828363 The super sexy September stomping my face and body, along with throat trampling and head jumping https://vimeo.com/106829732...
  11. jgrass1

    ^^Foot Smothered and Trampled at her Job Interview!^^

    Luna has another job interview. Hopefully this one will go better than that one where that crazy woman sat on her face and smothered her with feet. NOPE! Her interviewer is Mistress Megara and her intern Kaci. They smother her face with their smelly bare feet, sit all over her, and even walk on...
  12. F

    NEW on my Vimio: September's Stocking Face Stomping

    Ahh yeah this was a great shoot. She REALLY brought it to me this round. Face and neck was all messed up for a week... https://vimeo.com/81890670 For the latest, visit Floormans Trample Adventures: clips4sale.com/store/5733
  13. F

    September's Dirty Feet Face Destruction Preview

    Hot action from September! She really drills Her slave ;-) https://vimeo.com/73090904
  14. M

    NEW updatesm FACE TRAMPLE

    The store is updated again. Lots of full weight face trample! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/10646
  15. M

    Morning trample on the cold kitchen floor

    New clip added to our clip store. Good quality. And great face trampling! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/10646
  16. M

    Hard boots trampling.

    Mistress Bonnie tramples the slave hard in cow-skin boots. Hard and brutal. preview here!! http://www.clips4sale.com/preview/preview.php?id=4599951 :blush::devil::pbbbbblt:
  17. jgrass1

    Finally a slave who can take some Face Trampling!

    I'll be the first to admit: I can't take face trampling for very long. I'm kind of a pansy. But we now have a sub who can take some decent face standing! His name is Jermaine and he is a young member of these forums (drummbot is his username) He took some excellent trampling from Bell's size...
  18. S

    some fun with my maryjanes and pumps

    Putting them to good use.. www.clips4sale.com/42244
  19. ausguy25

    Sinbad's Trample Adventure

    In this clip sinbad has his first ever trample session under Princess Morgan. She step's all over his fave, throat and bounces on his stomach! I have to say sinbad did a great job! No acting or scripts in this one, it's all real trample done the proper way! Hope you guys like it! Full clip...