1. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxurious Updates

    Lana Luxor & Freshie Juice: Denim Booty Domination You love seeing women in a nice pair of tight pair of blue denim jeans. You've just wrapped up a Skype session with Lana & Freshie - two of the best butts in the biz but before you log off, they ask you the million dollar question - who has the...
  2. E

    Queen Jada Live 930 PM PST in 3 hours!!!

    I don't post very much, but when I do, its about something I find amazing!!!. Queen Jada, from The Queendom C4S store has opened up her own store, Queen Jada in C4S, and AVN page. She is doing a live smother show in 3 hours. The last one she did was her sitting on her slaves face in the...
  3. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor & Domina Katarina: Saran Wrap Smother Seat

    Lana and Katarina have acquired fresh meat - Slave Fellow - a new slave willing to prove himself as a suitable seat for the two volumptous asses in his presence. Lana begins the session by plopping her ass cheeks donned in a pink thong covering Slave Fellow's face entirely. She gyrates up and...
  4. assassass

    Facesit School - Fullweight Facesitter

    The Mistress is training me to take on different shapes for Her comfort. Personally, I could exist beneath Her as a folding chair for days. What a beautiful position to take for Her, and what a great way to enjoy Her Farts! In the future, I hope to put my hands to use for Her too in this...
  5. GoddessLilith

    Facesitting CUCKOLD video!!

    I love getting My best slaves involved in My sex life - tease & denial while locked away in chastity, suffering under My sweaty ass, while Alpha and I enjoy each other!! Watch out, because the chemistry in this clip is so hot you might bust instantly!! http://www.SwedishLovebirds.com
  6. brazilfeet

    Milf Bela Sofia Lesbian Control Pt.2

    Milf Bela Sofia Lesbian Control Pt.2 Submissive slave Melissa worships her Domme ass and pussy in a hot way letting Bela Sofia very horny. She is loving her slave devotion. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN!!! www.bffvideos.com
  7. lilu_hotty

    Face Sitting in Leather Dress - by MissLiLu

    Hello That was my 1st Face Sitting experience... I wear my Leather Dress and Sit on that stupid face .... I sit on it , i jump on it, and i rub it with my ass! So check it out here: MissLiLu.com here is an image preview: Enjoy it MissLiLu.com LiLusHandJobs.com LiLuSmoking.com
  8. maxsgpin

    Two Good NEWS !!! new video #184 Blonde sgpins and #185 Mistress Orithea compilation

    Two Good NEWS !!! NEW VIDEO #184 Happy blonde schoolgirlpins two different girls SCHOOLGIRLPIN ONLY on private living room home. The Happy blonde schoolgirlpins two different girls with her chubby legs in two different days. and...by customers request...FULL VERSION COMPILATION of best 5...
  9. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #182 Alone at office. The Schoolgirlpin revenge

    SCHOOLGIRLPIN ONLY at the office after closure. https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidcc7085d345aa0d0d1ecf3b6935 Short byt exciting and nice for the lovers of private office schooolgirlpin humiliation. The sexy secretary uses her green miniskirt and her sexy black stockings...
  10. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO # 158 PART 2 The agressive redhaired house girl SCHOOLGIRLPIN REVENGE on maid

    PART 2 The agressive redhaired house girl SCHOOLGIRLPIN REVENGE on maid https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidcc7085d345aa0d0d1ecf3b6935 The happy redhaired girl starts the final part of humiliation of the maid by straddles, schoolgirlpins…and some bondage to make more easy...
  11. Diapersitting

    Facesitting with flooded diapers

    Hi I am new member from sweden and I use diapers 24/7 because of urgency incontinence from a neurologic disability. I have never facesit anyone but this is one of my biggest dreams to facesit anyone while I have diapers on and pee in them. I have some questions about this: Is the pressure...
  12. 0

    Pam and Jim, adominant bbw nurse story

    The days were getting longer and more boring for Jim. It had been 3 weeks since he got out of the hospital and for all that time he has been stuck in bed. Jim is recovering from a car accident that shattered both his legs from the thighs down. So, there he lays day in and day out, both of his...
  13. maxsgpin


    TWO GREAT BATTLE OF AGES NEW VIDEOS (#117 NEW AND #118 FULL VERSION) NEW VIDEO #117 THE MATURE REVENGE NEW VIDEO #118 GREAT FULL VERSION 3 IN 1 ( CONTAINS THE VIDEOS #115, #116 AND #117 Battle of Ages). Agressive catfight between mature aunt vs young niece. Weight differences, domination...
  14. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #100 Dresses SCHOOLGIRLPIN humiliation PART TWO

    NEW VIDEO #100 Dresses schoolgirlpin Part two. Continues the private hotel room fight ....the two ennemies catfight again. The mature vs the young…again to the finish humiliation The target is humiliate the ennemy..who will gain the pleasant schoolgirlpin to humiliate the loser?? This is the...
  15. brazilfeet

    Tattoo Girls Face Fuck Pt.2

    Tattoo Girls Face Fuck Pt.2 The beautiful Dommes are having a nice time on top of their slave head and body. They smash a lot the skinny slave. GREAT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, LESBIAN AND BIG BUTTS!!! bffvideos.com
  16. brazilfeet

    Melissa Red Lesbian Domination Pt.3

    Melissa Red Lesbian Domination Pt.3 Beautiful Melissa Red ends this hot lesbian session very horny with Taty tongue inside her pink pussy. Ass licker Taty licks her Domme pussy like there is no tomorrow. HOT SCENES OF: PUSSY LICKING, LESBIAN AND PUSSY WORSHIP!!! bffvideos.com
  17. brazilfeet

    Princess Valkiria 18 Years Old First Fart Experience Pt.3

    Princess Valkiria 18 Years Old First Fart Experience Pt.3 Beautiful Valkiria will have a nice time farting without stop on Cinthia face. The poor slave is obeyed to smell all her Domme rotten farts. HOT SCENES OF: LESBIAN, ASS SMELLING AND FARTING!!! bffvideos.com
  18. brazilfeet

    Brunette Leonora Delicious First Ass Worship Pt.2

    Brunette Leonora Delicious First Ass Worship Pt.2 Beautiful Leonora is very horny with Taty tongue inside her big ass. The submissive slave licks a lot her Domme sweaty ass in a hot scenes. GREAT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, LESBIAN AND BIG BUTTS!!! bffvideos.com
  19. Alesya20

    Sweet beautiful girl from Russia

    https://clips4sale.com/85501/beautiful-girls/cid53a482b777a1e0c3a8a2a39dee Today the slave has angered his beloved Mistresses a lot. And two cruel, rude and very beautiful Mistresses must punish this stinking pig. They tied a slave. He begged them not to punish him, asked for forgiveness, said...
  20. brazilfeet

    Princess Stella First Facesitting Experience Pt.2

    Princess Stella First Facesitting Experience Pt.2 Hot Goddess Stella is really enjoying her session over her little slave that keeps fighting to escape. She keeps pressing her hips above Taty face until she is breathless. GREAT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN!!! bffvideos.com