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  1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Fire Burger Buttcrush

    Mistress Alisha just ordered from her favorite fast food Restaurant! you enjoy some up close shots of her chowing down on a big juicy burger only to find out her slave is underneath her big giant butt! she keeps eating as she slides back and forth alternating between crushing his chest and...
  2. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Crushing My Slave Until Hes Part Of The Couch

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett is relaxing and has a bit of a stomach ache. she lets a silent fart rip and fans it away! her slave walks by and she orders him to the solid concrete floor then proceeds to gag his mouth and smother his face under her full-weight and big ass! he struggles too much so she...
  3. jimmmywanng

    Goddess Allie - Pov Facesitting

    Goddess Allie is having a seat... ON YOUR FACE. she starts in her leggings and slowly strips to her panties. at the end she gives you a quick glimpse of her amazing asshole while smothering your face! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/145915/filth-fetish-studios/#cid07aef5ce43f4a8efb2dc14960c
  4. jimmmywanng

    Pure Unwashed Ass Sniffing! - Filth Fetish Studios

    ((this video has some AMAZING POV SHOTS OF GODDESSES ROUND BOOTY ON THE TOILET)) https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/145915/filth-fetish-studios Goddess Allie is frustrated, her water has been out for three days! she is sweaty and nasty and all kinds of gross! she found a way to cheer herself...
  5. jimmmywanng

    Goddess Allie BBW - Facesitting While Chatting With Discord Fans

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/145915/filth-fetish-studios Hey There! It's Goddess Allie! i spent some time on our discord today chatting with fans, but my seat was so hard and uncomfy! so i called my slave in to serve as my seat! he was shaking and struggling for air the entire time under...
  6. jimmmywanng

    Bbw Smother and Farts While Chatting on Discord

    check out our newest clips! goddess allie smothers her slave with her big ass and sweaty wet farts! check out our stores today! https://www.yezzclips.com/store_view.php?id=2324 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/145915/filth-fetish-studios
  7. cplwrestling2015

    Leather Dominatrix - Muscular Woman Facesitting f/m

    Hi, we updated our website enjoy images and video preview : https://cplwrestling.com/cmx-sdc-04-leather-dominatrix/ We hope you like it : ) www.CplWrestling.com
  8. Miles Striker

    Olivia Has to Find a New Use for Her Boyfriend HD Reduced Price!

    Title: Olivia Has to Find a New Use for Her Boyfriend HD Reduced Price! GIF: https://imagecdn.clips4sale.com/accounts99/85821/clip_images/No%20more%20use%20Finished%20GIF.gif Clip: https://clips4sale.com/85821/19702847/cid2ae71a612f8481cd33cf70d911 Plot: Olivia Kasady has a way over confident...
  9. Furetto

    Samira's Bad Odors (Facesitting with stinky asshole)

    Full video at Simply Disgusting http://clips4sale.com/84397 In this ''simply disgusting'' fetish performance the very young Samira is determined to enjoy herself, putting her smelliest body parts directly in the nostrils of our actor. Five bad odors wait for Mister Apnea's nose: 1) bare feet...
  10. Karinacruel

    Karina Cruel Destroy Big Slave Face

    Hello , visit our content and enjoy previews and members area available: http://karinacruel.com http://karinacruel.com Mistress Karina Cruel
  11. K

    These Girls Know How To Party

    This guys is going to get used by three beautiful women. Luck bastard!
  12. brazilfeet

    Buried Under Katy Delicious Ass

    Buried Under Katy Delicious Ass Pt.2 Mighty Mistress Katy is using the poor guy as a chair and keep making Michael to smell her sweated asshole some more while he is being smashed real hard. HOT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, BIG BUTTS AND FEMDOM!!! http://www.bffvideos.com
  13. brazilfeet

    Amanda Aggressive Face Fuck

    Amanda Aggressive Face Fuck Pt.2 Big butted Amanda is evil and rubs her ass and pussy very hard on her slave face. The slave is breathless while her hot Domme is on top only enjoying the situtation. HOT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, LESBIAN AND BIG BUTTS!!! http://www.bffvideos.com
  14. EmpressKabani


    I am very happy to announce that clips have once again begun! Finally My slave has resurfaced and can do his fucking job. Look for Ms PhatJuicy return!! www.www.clips4sale.com/store/8533
  15. Mistress Meltz

    Sessions in Chicago (6/30-7/2)

    Ebony femdom traveling to Chicago for a few days. I will be offering sessions during my stay. I have a list of fetishes. The list below does include but is not limited to these things: Spanking trampling Public humiliation FS Foot worship Smoking sissification chastity keyholding financial...
  16. B

    Autumn Bodell Facesits BBW gf

    Malice seems to be dreaming about Autumn Bodell's brother John. Autumn wakes Malice up and punishes her for dreaming about him and not her gf. Autumn climbs on top of Malice's face and sits her crotch right on her face. She gets upset that Malice was moaning in her sleep about her brother and...
  17. AstroDomina

    New Facesitting video with smotherbox!

    Hi guys, Check out my latest face sitting video with my brand new smother box: ASS SMOTHER BOX Sydney
  18. Mistress Meltz

    Fish outta water (FS vid)

    Mistress Meltz does some facesitting with a boy who holds his breath like a fish, a baby fish. He even has on a leather mask. In between the mask and Mistress Meltz's ass this slave has a bit of a problem breathing. http://www.clips4sale.com/1043
  19. M

    Skylar Rene Gi Wrestling HD

    www.mmadomination.net Lingerie football league star turned wrestling Goddess Skylar Rene teaches this idiot a lesson in mixed wrestling that he won’t ever forget. Dressed in a white Jiu Jitsu Gi with a black belt, Skylar quickly takes him to the ground with a powerful throw. The muscular...
  20. M

    New preview clip & unique bottom to face harness clips

    Take a look at my new preview clips including a facesitting clip of Mistess Ava Black and I. http://www.missjessicawood.co.uk/preview.htm I also have lots of facesitting clips in my amateur store including some with a unique custom made bottom to face harness! Check them out at...