facesitting smother

  1. R

    I'm back again.

    Hi, Facesitting Fans, I'm back again with a new skill and a bunch of new creations. I missed you all a lot. I wood to share with you my latest productions. Please comment give me your impressions. That's the only think that could help me to go farward. Pm me if you want me to send you the...
  2. F

    Mashed under a randy fanny

  3. F

    Feet smelling

    I know this makes you insane !!! Come and smell at my stinking feet !
  4. F

    Katja and Doreen

    Simply used.
  5. M

    These are my Balls! Part 1 (Face sitting Smothering w CBT)

    last Sat. I took one of my slaves to a Fetish Party. We are at the party less than thirty minutes and he has managed to wander off. I see a crowd gathering around the stage as I look up I see MY slave getting his balls busted by another Mistress. Keeping my cool was very hard, I thought about...
  6. B

    Boss' Office Facesitting Clerk

    Wow, what a site! I'm happy to say that my boy friday office clerk has posted my video here. So, now I'm giving it a try. This is my office guy who offers his face, sometimes reluctantly, but that's where the restraining and shrink wrap is sometimes needed. Being Boss has its priviledges...
  7. ausguy25

    Schoolgirl facesitting - Sweet Cherry Feet

    Description: "Schoolgirl Smother 2 Once I get home from school and My nerdy sub hasn't done anything!! So he gets put back in his position, right under My ASS! I face sit and smother him till he almost passes out! " FREE PREVIEW...