1. D

    Anyone tried whisper?

    I've recently been looking for women to sit on me through an app called whisper. It's an anonymous app where you just post a short sentence and a picture. You can message the poster or reply publicly. I've so far found 2 women to sit on me. The first was 42 compared to my 28. She didn't have the...
  2. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO # 210 THUNDER THIGS. The best perfect fat legs to schoolgirlpin

    The Super fat well builted legs chubby mom straddles, queening , facesit and schoolgirlpin the weak niece on living room floor, her favorite position in the quiet private room. https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidc648d0e648e68a488294322eaa Enjoy the very long uneven and...
  3. cplwrestling2015

    The 3 Round Challenge - Mixed Wrestling Facesitting Humiliation - Arianne vs Chris

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  4. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO # 207 Outdoors long schoolgirlpin, Stanton style. PART 2

    This is the PART 2 of video #206….the queening, straddle and schoolgirlpin domination continues… The beautiful and sexy long-haired brunette continues in her queening victress throne in the quiet countryside. https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidc648d0e648e68a488294322eaa...
  5. brazilfeet

    Layla Big Clits On Michael Nose Pt.1

    Layla Big Clits On Michael Nose Pt.1 Strong Layla is a muscular woman and shows in this hard movie why she is been called of the nasty Domme. Her poor slave Michael is on the bed while she seats above his face smashing the bastard with her heavy weight. HOT SCENES OF: BIG CLITS, FEMDOM AND...
  6. maxsgpin

    New video #205 Alone with the maid. The longest schoolgirlpin pleasure.

    LONGEST HOMEMADE PRIVATE SCHOOLGIRLPIN The Great sgpinner brunette catches again the housemaid alone at home. She was anxious to catfighting and provoque the maid for a wrestling session they two alone at home. SCHOOLGIRLPIN at home. She use their shapely chubby legs to maintain the...
  7. brazilfeet

    Goddesses Triple Face Fuck Humiliations Pt.2

    Goddesses Triple Face Fuck Humiliations Pt.2 Katy, Angela and Mel Costa are having a nice time smashing little Taty a lot. They laugh and dont care about slave Taty. GREAT SCENES OF: LESBIAN, ASS SMELLING AND TRIPLE DOMINATION!!! www.bffvideos.com
  8. cplwrestling2015

    Cpl Classics Videos : Sexy Schoolgirl K.O + Wenona vs Paige - Scissor and Facesit

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  9. brazilfeet

    New Tongue In Angela Big Ass Pt.2

    New Tongue In Angela Big Ass Pt.2 Beautiful Domme Angela appears in that clip having her asshole worshipped by her slave and the little girl keeps shoving her tongue inside her Domme tight asshole for several minutes. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN!!! https://www.bffvideos.com
  10. brazilfeet

    Stay Under Mary Luthay Ass, Loser! Pt.1

    Stay Under Mary Luthay Ass, Loser! Pt.1 Beautiful Mary Luthay will have a nice time smashing her poor slave Ben. She is so hot on top of Ben head. HOT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, BIG BUTTS AND FEMDOM. https://bffvideos.com
  11. maxsgpin

    New video #203 PART 2 of Living Longest Schoolgirlpin humiliation.

    HOMEMADE PRIVATE SCHOOLGIRLPIN and FACESITTING HUMILIATION This is the part two and end of the scenes of queening victress in long jeans and later nude chubby legs doing moments of schoolgirlpin humiliation. She’s smile and be happy sitting on top of the housemaid, her queening throne...
  12. brazilfeet

    Lesbian Anal Pleasures Pt.2

    Lesbian Anal Pleasures Pt.2 Louise licks Cristinna ass and then has her ass licked by Cristinna for several minutes and in diferent ways. We get to see Louise and Cristinna with their tongues stucked underneath their assholes. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN...
  13. maxsgpin

    New Video #200 Four girl SGPIN session . Part Three. Thunder thigs.

    New Video #200 Four girl SGPIN session . Part Three. Thunder thigs. The third part of this successful schoolgirlpin session at home by four girls. Special admiration of the blonde girl with powerful THUNDER THIGS in shorts ,who do the perfect schoolgirlpin…long…unescapable...
  14. brazilfeet

    Goddess Ellen Souza First Ass Worship Pt.2

    Goddess Ellen Souza First Ass Worship Pt.2 Here we see Mistress Ellen Souza with her slave on another ass worship session. The hot lady is very horny while receives some very hot and wet licks on her asshole. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN!!! https://www.bffvideos.com
  15. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #197 Glasses girl in one hour of SCHOOLGIRLPIN pleasure

    The Glasses girl rides again in a pleasant one hour of SCHOOLGIRLPIN at home THE LONGEST SGPIN collection comes back !! The famous young glasses sgpinner knows that this evening alone at home with housemaid, will be a perfect opportunity to the long pleasure of the schoolgirlpin on her...
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    NEW VIDEO #195 Chubby perfect legs in longest schoolgirpin on bed. Three girls

    NEW VIDEO #195 Chubby perfect legs in longest schoolgirpin on bed THE LONGEST SGPIN collection comes back !! You will know the better chubby young legs girl with sexy rides her best pleasure, the long schoolgirlpin on top of her ennemy. She uses her perfect thigs to trap her...
  17. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Private Sessions!!!

    Queen Of Shadows, Mz.Inkredible, Mz Crushalot and Mz. Mika will be doing sessions in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland area 9/21- 9/25. We will travel to whatever city you are in. Must pay booking fee $200 and give us a day and time that you will be available for session. If filming...
  18. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #192 Fat legs …Then, unescapable schoolgirlpin

    In a fight between females, the most powerful weapon is an ass and some fat and strong legs. https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidcc7085d345aa0d0d1ecf3b6935 The chubby girl invites her friend home because she wants to fight with the maid so her friend, who likes fights...
  19. Z

    Some pics from personal experience with 2 girls

    Maybe it's time I contributed something so here is some amateur pics from 1 of my sessions. They sit on me in all kinds of ways and usually for 2 mins sometimes more. I'll post the trampling pics in the other section. Also got a buttdrop video but I'll only post it when I have enough likes lol
  20. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #187 The brunette Sgpin queen continues her reings

    SCHOOLGIRLPIN ONLY on private living room home. Two scenarios. https://clips4sale.com/105160/Catfight-Sgpin-by-Frank/cidcc7085d345aa0d0d1ecf3b6935 This is the UNEDITED NEW SGPINS prolongation of fights videos # 127 and #174. The two pinned girls are for long under the sgpin queen ass, and...