1. subby

    updates from femdomproductions (010519)

    hello friends, lets start new month with a wonderful full length action feature of gorgous iveta in our c4s-store! our clips4sale-store we have also a phantastic new clip with her in our sadoladies clips store! sado ladies clips on feetandshoes.de we have a new crushing clip with penelope...
  2. Dunefeet

    Faceslapping steampunk girls

    Steampunk girls, part 6: The rules are simple. Find man and crush him. Bea (22) and Stella (18) enforce the law. Dressed in steampunk they will rule the world, their world. Faceslapping lesson by two young girls. 10 years of Female Domination from Dunefeet...
  3. S

    A Brutal Faceslapping LADY STELLA

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/female-domination/1469-a-brutal-faceslapping here we have another phantastic clip from our friends from femdomfoto.de with beautiful german pro dom lady stella. its time for a good dose of hard faceslapping for one...
  4. S

    Faceslapping Contest

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/female-domination/1452-faceslapping-contest here we have another clip from our friends from femdomfoto.de with beautiful german pro dom lady stella! she wants to test the physics of her 2 slaves today by...
  5. S

    Slapping The Idiot

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/female-domination/1430-slapping-the-idiot here we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom black diamoond. 2 slaves are involved in this clip. black diamoonds personal rubber slave who has to kneel...
  6. Mistress Meltz

    "He wasnt ready" preview

    A gif I made from my new video called “He wasn’t ready”. I’ll be adding it to my store soon. It has quite a bit of action in it but this is one of my favorite parts of it. http://www.clips4sale.com/1043
  7. J

    Elegant femdom UPDATES

    In this section I will show you our updates in the following topics : - human ashtray and spitting - cruel faceslapping - human pony training - other femdom humiliation clips. If you addicted to foot domination please check our huge collection on the foot and trampling section here or the...
  8. Zonda

    Slaps His Face HD

    Slaps His Face HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Latina Goddess Isabel wants to make suffer this pathetic slave. She is wearing a nice pair of black gloves and wants to test them in his ugly face. She has a great time slapping his ugly face while he tries to kiss her body where is not allowed. She...
  9. J

    Cruel faceslapping

    Cruel faceslapping clip with humiliation. In the weekend house the stunning Mistress Giada and the man-hater sadistic Lady Ann use the little sub male for their amusement. They decide to faceslap him hard while mocking him. They laugh at him and beat him so hard that he starts to cry from the...
  10. T

    Russian Goddess Torture w/Mistress Renee

    Discipline Academy "Russian Goddess Torture" Russian Goddess Mistress Renee speaks in her native language while destroying slave bill's nipples. Using her sharp finger nails, she squeezes and pulls them causing bill to cry out in pain. Once she has him enough she slaps his face while...
  11. J

    Elegant femdom - faceslapping and other

    Cruel femdom, faceslapping and other humiliations.
  12. Zonda

    Latina Isabel Destrozando Cara de Esclavo

    Buenas amigos, ya varios conocen mis tiendas, aunque las descripciones están en ingles, los vídeos son 100% hablados en español latino, si gustan de un encargo, con gusto lo hacemos y pueden pagar por medio de paypal. Escribir a cualquiera de estos dos correos...
  13. C

    Cruel Babez - Slapped in the Locker Room AGAIN

    Slapped in the Locker Room AGAIN starring Lady Pam Lady Pam is training her fighting skills in the cellar of the gym. At the same time a guy enters the fighting studio. First he checks if somebody is there and then he goes into the Ladies Locker Room. There he finds the bag of Lady...
  14. J

    Hard faceslapping

    A short trailer for you. How do you like it ? http://hotfile.com/dl/128434576/08f57d4/youarenothing_trailer.wmv.html
  15. slaveandy

    MzDevious Faceslap Humiliation (Free Trailer)

    The last time MzDevious slapped around slave andy she nearly ruptured his eardrum. So now she's decided to work on her technique to inflict maximum pain without permanantly harming her slave. Of course he is not getting away from this session without some humiliation. She spits on his bald...
  16. M

    You're Late Part 1 *Now In WMV Format*

    "Goddess Omi is not-so-patiently waiting around for Her slave to arrive. He has given countless excuses for his tardiness, but this time he has really pushed Her buttons with his disregard for Her schedule. To make matters worse, he adds insult to injury, by lying about why he is late. But...
  17. F

    The pain of the choice

    What do we do with our slave now ? Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com
  18. E

    Broken Shower? Use your tongue!

    Mistress returns home from the gym all sweaty, and salty. All that she can think of is a refreshing shower. However, soon she finds out that her shower hasn't been fixed yet. Her slave-boy has been a lazy bastard watching tv so Mistress confronts him and forces him to use his tongue and mouth as...