facestanding extreme

  1. tnt

    The Best facestanding POVs (point of views)

    These manga pics are probably for me the best facestanding image I have seen. So good that's is hard to make it real. Unfortunatelly is a drawing. However some japan and asian sites have got almost these angle. the others 2 are also hard to find in the real world
  2. O

    Trampled by Goddess Jessica

    A few months ago I set up a trampling session with Lindsey Leigh in Chicago, little did I know I would end up getting trampled by Lindsey, Goddess Jessica, and Princess Lyne! Fast forward to last week, I flew to Denver to make clips with Goddess Jessica. She has posted the first of many, if...
  3. F

    If you do not obey

    I show it to you where you belong.
  4. F

    Living floor

    A day as a living carpet.
  5. andybis

    My face, her aerobic step ;)

    I love being facestood into submission. Some times ago i wanted to test my face endurance and so i asked a girl if she'd like to use my face as her personal aerobic step. By the way i found this video on my HD (sorry for the poor quality) 3Mb or so...