1. A

    Muddy Doc Marten Tramping - High Impact Trampling

    It was a rainy day outside, and whenever it gets rainy and I am wearing my docs all I can think about is forcing my slave to be punished underneath them. I had him lay down in the kitchen, and proceeded to trample all over him very hard! I twisted my muddy boots back and forth on his face as I...
  2. O

    Trampling Slave for Clips

    Hi, I have done a few trampling clips with Goddess Jessica and Queen Kasey , and would love to do more. I have an extremely high tolerance for trampling barefoot and with heals. I also have many references from people I’ve sessioned with in the industry. Any advice on how to make this happen...
  3. E

    Face Standing

    Check out today's Update on Sophie Michelle :) https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/144875/sophie-michelle Its Becky jumping up and down on her slaves face and standing on his face, here are some pics :-
  4. MartinTramplingLover

    *** UPDATES *** CzechTramplingPage

    A download clip was added today : When my wife come home from work she walk on me and she stand on my face. After that she sat on sofa and used my face as a footstool. Her feet were sweaty and smelly. It was amazing. Preview ...
  5. MartinTramplingLover

    Czech Trampling Page

    Hi everyone !!! Let me introduce new page of trampling, foot fetish and crushing. Me and my wife likes trampling and everythink about it. We'll be glad to watch you. Every week we add new clips and videos. Our videos can be found here ...
  6. Marc70

    Fantastic barefoot Trampling and Facewalking (Fetishtainment.com)

    Sexy barefoot Trampling Session with Lady Serena. She loves to walk on her new slaves body and to press her bare feet right on his face ! www.Tramplecity.com &. www.FemdomGold.com C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244
  7. tnt

    Karina Femdom Store

    Hi, I find the trample video producer, looks home made, Amateur, not professional. some times home made is superior than professional. and I like to know, does someone have bought facestanding videos from this? They are good? I like to have a sample. I can pay and down, just know if they have...
  8. tnt

    The Best facestanding POVs (point of views)

    These manga pics are probably for me the best facestanding image I have seen. So good that's is hard to make it real. Unfortunatelly is a drawing. However some japan and asian sites have got almost these angle. the others 2 are also hard to find in the real world
  9. Marc70

    )) TRAMPLED under bare FEET (( .. Lady Mira @ FETISHTAINMENT.com

    Lady Mira tramples a slave under her big, bare feet today and lets him swallow her sweaty socks! www.TRAMPLECITY.com and www.FEMDOMGOLD.com C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244 www.TRAMPLECITY.com and www.FEMDOMGOLD.com C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244
  10. dachi

    2018 FurioGirls updates: free pics and videoclips

    Dont close page - wait for loading of JPEG's Click on JPEG and You will download extra large screenlist Trample Lodge Floor-Face Domination AVAILABLE TODAY ON C4S STORE, VISIT PLEASE
  11. S

    Voted 2018 Top Trampler, Stella Liberty, Footnight International

    Hey guys! Footnight International recently voted me 2018 Top Trampler and I wanted to share ashort reel with you of some of the trampling clips that I have done. Check them out! I am also available for in person trampling sessions in Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, DC and SF, with the occasional...
  12. B

    My Personal Human Carpet

    NEW on Bizarre Cinema: "My Personal Human Carpet" Found @ http://bizarre-cinema.com Description: Mistress Xena wore Her Doc Martens to crush Her carpet. 1st: Mistress decided to stand on his hands. 2nd: Mistress had Her human carpet shine Her boots, only using his tongue, while Mistress stood...
  13. Furetto

    I'll Trample Each Part of Your Body! (Bdsm & Fetish Milano)

    New video https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/91109/bdsm---fetish-milano Every trampling enthusiast has usually a well-defined erogenous zone, a part of the body on which he prefers to be trampled. But there is also a minority of human carpets who would like to bear the weight of a woman on the...
  14. M

    Full Weight Trampling and Facestanding

    Mistress Claire finds her slave laying on the couch, and that is unacceptable. She jumps on top of him, and tramples all over him with her full weight. She stands victoriously with one foot on his balls and one foot on his face. He is in immense pain but he happily takes it to please his...
  15. A

    28 Minutes Under My Doc Marten's (Real Amateur Trampling)

    Hey guys! Aria here again from Real Amateur Trampling www.clips4sale.com/studio/101129. We've added another Doc Marten clips to our site! It is a long one for sure! 28 minutes long to be exact! We've broken it up into three clips that will be released daily, with the full clip coming out...
  16. Y

    Valentine Trample Game

    Here are a few stills from videos take during a game my gf and I played... Hope you enjoy. :)
  17. A

    Barefoot Barbarism (Savage Stomping!!) - Real Amateur Trampling

    Hey guys! Aira from Real Amateur Trampling (www.clips4sale.com/studio/101129). We've just added a great new clip to our site, called Barefoot Barbarism! It features some really, really hard stomping and face slapping. I really gave it to my slave this time =]. I've included some gifs into...
  18. A

    Suffer Under My Spiked Boots

    Hey All! Aria from Real Amateur Trampling here. We have just added another clip to our clips4sale studio. Here is the description and some gifs: These spikey black boots sure packed a punch. They look pretty deadly and I think that's why my sub liked them so much... he felt threatened...
  19. A

    Vicious Stomping Under Doc Martens

    Hey guys! Aria from Real Amateur Trampling here. We've posted a new clip up which features some really hard stomping in my favourite pair of Doc Martens. :) Here's the the description and some gifs: "I was super horny during this video, so I stomped EXTRA hard on my sub ;) particularly...
  20. A

    Heavy Trampling under My School Shoes/Bare Feet

    Hey guys, Aria from Real Amateur Trampling here. We've posted a new clip up, here is the description, and some gifs =]: "I bought these school-like shoes which, from the cries of pain from my sub, turned out to be super hard and heavy! I inflicted a serious amount of pain, especially on...