fantasy castration

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    Addicted to Mistress Sandy full version

    This clip is from my private collection. Warning: Graphic content- not for the faint of heart. 100% REAL Life play sessions, No scripts, No camera crew- just my Little piggie and myself. I was at a party and one of my gfs introduced me to this guy. Like most I have him totally obsessed with...
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    Castrating Queen"

    This is a special Request Clip. WARNING: Extremely Graphic content, not for the faint of heart. This is the conclusion of "Queening while Banding ur Balls". I have surgical band around slaves balls with the help of my Callicrate Bander, the band is crushing into his cords. I queen my slave...
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    Most extreme castration

    Number 1 clip in CBT # 29 top 50 selling clips all cat WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC! DO NOT TRY THIS! All good things must come to an end, Right? That is for certain in Ted's case. I have already popped his balls crushed his cords now all that is left is to cut his Ballsac off. Shoving my...