1. W

    Facesat by a teacher

    Content deleted for inferred under 18 content. bfrug (moderator)
  2. HoustonFetish

    New fantasy trample set

    In between shoots with Goddess Rhea, I love to play around with a simple 3D modeling program. Check out the full set on my blog!
  3. SlaveJack86

    Fantasy Movie/Television mistresses

    Are there any fictional female characters that you have in your fantasies? I'll name three evil villainesses from the movies who I would go full gimp for: (Spoilers) Luv from Blade Runner 2049 I despised her for murdering JOI, so much so that I was cheering on the inside when K drowned her at...
  4. All about the ass

    My ultimate fantasy if it could happen

    Dont know how to put in a link soo here is a screen shot of it, it is hands down the greatest story ive read , i have read it over and over for years but always teases me as its not finished and dont think it ever will be i have msged the author and no reply anyways hope you all enjoy it
  5. FemdomFights

    Femdom Mixed Boxing Knockouts - KO Compendium 5

    For the femdom fantasy fans, a collection of early HTM clips where Darrius (and Duncan) get knocked out! See a preview and screenshots on -
  6. FemdomFights

    Yasmine De Leon Beats Down Kay - Boxing

    Yasmine De Leon takes on Kay, and Kay is looking to finally get his first win. Too bad for him, Yasmine is simply too strong. Read more at - HTM - Yasmine De Leon vs Kay Boxing | Mixed Fights
  7. FemdomFights

    Rusty Defeated by Hollywood - Femdom Fiight

    So a few people have been saying they want to see Rusty lose "finally" or wanted to see Hollywood know that happened in 2012, right? Times have certainly changed! Hollywood Beats Down Rusty! | Mixed Fights Fantasy mixed fighting
  8. S

    Fantasy Facesitting

    Does anyone knows any High Fantasy Facesitting stories or articles?
  9. FemdomFights

    Nicole Oring Beats Darrius and Duncan - Femdom Boxing

    From 2011, Nicole Oring kicks Darrius and Duncan's collective ass so hard you would think she's the one who wrote the script!
  10. FemdomFights

    Dometria Dominates Shozan - Femdom Boxing

    Dometria dominates Shozan in his first boxing match! More info and clip on -
  11. FemdomFights

    2 on 1 Boxing Beatdown Fantasy - Autumn and Roxie Against Darrius

    Roxie and Autumn team up to give Darrius the ass beating of the year. More info and free clip on
  12. FemdomFights

    Crystal vs Darrius Boxing Rematch

    A fantasy femdom boxing custom featuring Crystal, who doesn't make fighting videos anywhere else... Preview and more info on
  13. D

    New Combo Clips!

    Lots of new combo clips are being added to so check them out. Also check out all the hot new clips at with Lunar Eve, Claudia, SexySignature, Applebomb, Desiree Devine and more!
  14. FemdomFights

    Chanell Heart Femdom Boxing

    Chanell Heart beats and defeats Darrius in an action packed fantasy mixed boxing match See it on
  15. FemdomFights

    2 Girls Squeeze 1 Guy

    Frankie & Onyx vs. Photographer (Whose Scissors are Better?) Frankie Zappitelli and Onyx pose for an upcoming photoset, when Onyx states that she could get out of the scissor hold Frankie has her in. The Photographer, not really caring, tells Frankie that her scissors need to look more real for...
  16. B

    Aftermath: Chapter 5

    Author's Notes: Hey... I don't know if anybody ever remembers this story anymore. I left it cold in the water a few months ago. For those who do remember, I'm sorry for doing that... I got caught up in some college stuff. And for those who don't know this story, I really recommend that you read...
  17. FemdomFights

    Sinn Sage Kicking Ass in Mixed Boxing

    Sinn Sage returns for a new fantasy mixed boxing match! Sinn Sage is in the HTM ring shadowboxing. Darrius enters, complimenting her punches. But can she spar? The challenge is made and the match is on! Darrius starts off strong, pummeling Sinn and keeping her dazed. A few minutes...
  18. H

    Dead or Alive - Police Woman Jennifer

    A storyline script playing out a scenario similar to "Jennifer Kills the Kidnapper" and ""Jennifer's Ultimate Revenge"... where Jennifer Thomas straddles her victim and chokes him out. LAPD officer Jennifer Thomas was assigned to track down & arrest a dangerous prisoner who recently...
  19. B

    Aftermath: chapter 3

    Chapter 3: The King's Voice The crowd shouted in anticipation outside the ring when the two people inside it started circling each other. Raven eyed his opponent. The guy was at least half a foot taller than him. He was strongly built and must be at least 20 pounds heavier than him. But...
  20. B

    Aftermath: chapter 2

    Disclaimer: all of the characters in the story are fictional and any ideas mentioned in here are intended to insult anyone. The rules: I realize I may be stepping on some toes here regarding rule 9, but I like to believe that I'm not crossing the line. The characters in the actual story are...