1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Farty Masturbation ( new fart collection 2010)

    Up Close and Personal This is my 2nd fart collection where you can hear farts, see some of them up close and personal as in this sample of frames from the video see my face after I smell them, and watch as I multi task, Masturbation with a strange toy and/or a vibrator and farting LOL. Look...
  2. M

    Several farts from stormy-zip file easy to exstract

    Hi there,This video is several farts Taken from som of my videos and put togeather to make on video,Its a Fart sampler ;) Tad I Ziped it on my Apple like the Scratch and sniff one I posted,so you should be able to view this one :) Make sure to check out my Store I have a Awesome Slideshow on...