farting fetish

  1. C

    Face farting

    Hello everyone, I have a question about face farting videos. Are they real? I mean does the girl really fart on the slave face? Because it seems strange to me that one person can constantly fart for the length of a video of 10 min for example. My wife sometimes during facesitting does fart on my...
  2. brazilfeet

    Leticia Miller Eggs Stink Farts Pt.2

    Leticia Miller Eggs Stink Farts Pt.2 Leticia Miller does not care about her slave Louise and farts without stop on her nose and mouth. HOT SCENES OF: LESBIAN, BIG BUTTS AND FARTING!!! www.bffvideos.com
  3. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Fire Burger Buttcrush

    Mistress Alisha just ordered from her favorite fast food Restaurant! you enjoy some up close shots of her chowing down on a big juicy burger only to find out her slave is underneath her big giant butt! she keeps eating as she slides back and forth alternating between crushing his chest and...
  4. jimmmywanng

    The Secretary - Part 2

    hey there! if you like my work! please support me on patreon! i write new chapters daily! and post free video previews and full videos from my studio! Filth Fetish Studios! this story is done now and it's 8 chapters long. they are all posted on my patreon...
  5. Kandy_Kink

    Fart Clips

    I have some of my fart clips playing for free on dickie Tube. If you want to check them out this is the link for all the fart clips HERE!
  6. brazilfeet

    Layla Smelly Farts After Gym Pt.2

    Layla Smelly Farts After Gym Pt.2 Strong Layla is evil as always and farts a lot on Melissa nose and mouth. The poor slave is obeyed to smell and to swallow everything. GREAT SCENES OF: FARTING, LESBIAN AND ASS SMELLING!!! bffvideos.com
  7. AATBxxx

    Sunshine Gases Out Female Fart Box Slave

    ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM presents... "Sunshine Gases Out Female Fart Box Slave" FARTING - ASS SMELLING - ASS SNIFFING - FEMALE DOMINATION - SMELL FETISH - ASS SMOTHERING Poor Lizzy Lamb has found herself trapped in Sunshine's fart box, and unfortunately for her Sunshine's belly has been brewing...
  8. AATBxxx

    Jerk It To Sunshine's Farts

    You can SEE the gas fighting to keep tucked in her cotton panties, but it's no use... because it's headed for your nose! ---> allaboutthebooty.com <---- Category: FARTING. Related Categories: ASS SNIFFING, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, ASS...
  9. AATBxxx

    Sunshine Farts & Humiliates Loser

    "Sunshine Farts & Humiliates Loser" was just released on allaboutthebooty.com - featuring: Sunshine, Farting, Ass Sniffing, Ass Smelling, Ass Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, Female Domination, Femdom POV. The lactose intolerant Sunshine loves forcing loser's to ingest her gas. To her it's so...
  10. brazilfeet

    Layla Cruel Muscle Dirty Farts Pt.2

    Layla Cruel Muscle Dirty Farts Pt.2 Super hot Goddess open her asshole on Taty nose to be smelled deep inside by her while she continues to blow a lot of farts. She keeps having a lot of fun humiliating the defenseless slave. GREAT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, FARTING AND LESBIAN...
  11. L

    22 y/o Mesa P. from Chappel Hill, NC farting loud and proud

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-xLKeRbMsw&app=desktop This cute beauty from NC is doing a fart challenge as part of her ALS/Ice Bucket Challenge. At first she's all reluctant and embarrassed but shortly after she giggles and complies. FART!!!
  12. P

    Pantara's Farts clips store

    Hi guy's I have been doing fart and toilet clips for quite some time now and I finally decided to post and see what you guy's think of them aswell! you can find them all here at my clip store ---> http://www.clips4sale.com/store/20388
  13. Y

    Free FARTS!!!

    Hello everyone, Today, I would like to offer some of My smelly farts as a gift to those who care. Please, sniff here:) If you like My farts, please visit My stinky store for more! Comments are always welcome :)
  14. G

    Yummy farts

    I think my farts are yummiest after I eat hard boiled eggs. It excentuates the smell! Goddess Naomi Toilet Slavery
  15. S

    "Death Stinks" (FREE Sample)

    Hey guys, Here is a little sample of my newest video "Death Stinks" I shrink my little slaves into balloons then torture them with my big farting ass. A very funny and unique video containing both a Giantess and Farting fetish! (the fart is at the end) <object width="425"...