fat ass facesitting

  1. EmpressKabani

    Time to Upgrade

    I havent been able to film for many reasons. Now that I am returning I have to say that I thought the imagination would just run wild with facesitting and everything about it. My fans have not only yearned for Me but have been left with the same things over and over. Ms. Juicy and I are coming...
  2. TheBSSG

    Squatting Butt Drops!

    In this vid I really go to town and make my slave MINE! My pleasure and amusement :p I start by showing off my power with squats, tormenting him with my big ass lowering up and down near his face before a Big Butt Drop :D after I've had my amusement I start having my pleasure when I plant myself...
  3. S

    Sarah Big Butt - Facesitting with black fishnet

    with this nice facesitting-session I used a different point of view, the camera was mounted higher than usual, so you can see more of my body now. Enjoy the view! I wear my new black fishnet-body. 1024x768 resolution HQ - XVID coded 5 hot minutes!! Look for yourself :)