fat butt

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    Tiny little men gets Butt Crushed by Sarahs BIG Butt

    Watch me, the famous BIG BUTT Giantess crushing three little men using my BIG FAT BUTT. They stood no chance against me! Very nice point of view, close-up, imagine yourself being the little guys!!! 1280x720p HQ Videoclip xvid BUTTCRUSH GIANTESS CRUSH Find more hot FAT BUTT CRUSHING STUFF here
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    Big Butt Mistress tramples little doll guy

    Hi, I thought it was time to punish my little doll guy named "Ken" again. I threw him on the cold floor and put all my weight on him, my usually tiny feet covered him almost completely... Can you imagine to switch places with that little guy? XVID coded 1280x720 resolution
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    Sarah Big Butt - Fat Butt Girl tramples her poor slave

    hi guys, here are a few screenshots from the latest clip I recorded. Interesting trampling session, I placed my poor slave right on the floor, trample his chest with my full weight (you know I'm NO skinny girl :) I whip him a little with his own belt. I also sit with my full weight on him. See...
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    Sarah BIG BUTT right in YOUR FACE!!

    sarah Big Butts - facesitting, tight spandex hi, this is me, Sarah, this time I decided to choose a new angle for the camera, directly below the head of my poor slave... Gives the whole set a new dimension ;) Slave had to suffer under my full weight,could barely breath under my BIG ASS ;) I...