feet kissing

  1. Madison1982

    Payne Mansion Ch. 04 (Happy Thanksgiving)

    The following story is sadistic fiction, and in no way depicts actual events. It contains descriptions of cruelty and torture against an unwilling vulnerable male victim. All characters are clearly depicted as being over the age of 18. In real life, keep it safe, sane, and consensual. - Her...
  2. Marc70

    " On the FLOOR and kiss my FEET " .... Vanny / an asian GODDESS

    Miss Vanny wants her new slave to get on the floor and to kiss and lick her sexy black heels and after removing them to worship and adore her bare goddess like feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty bare sole again and again until the asian mistress is satisfied with the work of a new...
  3. N

    Die sexy Nachbarin

    meine Nachbarwohnung stand schon längere Zeit leer, obwohl sie Tipp Top saniert war und gar nicht so teuer, sie lag halt nur direkt unter dem Dach. Doch endlich war sie bewohnt den Einzug hatte ich gar nicht mitbekommen, war wohl gerade bei der Arbeit gewesen, nur ein Paar sexy rote High-Heels...
  4. F


    Get here, I want to be spoiled !
  5. F

    Foot Fetish

    We have fine weather and no-one licks my feet.
  6. F

    Pssst ! Quiet !

    This is certainly beautiful if I secretly put my hands under the shoes.
  7. F

    This smells delicious !

    One cannot got, simply randily enough of it !
  8. F

    Kiss, kiss, kiss !

    Kiss my feet for me !
  9. F

    Face floor

    The floor is kicked mercilessly and the feet are pushed to him deeply into the mouth.
  10. F

    Feet smelling

    I know this makes you insane !!! Come and smell at my stinking feet !
  11. F

    You must earn it for you !

    So that you may lick my feet and shoes !
  12. F

    Randy fanny, randy legs and randy feet

    It makes to the slave fun under this randy fanny and between these randy legs.
  13. F


    Sniff and lick my feet before they will be aching.
  14. F

    Today, what could one do only ?

    I will spoil myself and will annoy slaves.
  15. F

    Smell my stinking feet !

    I beat you my stinking feet into the face ! Smell it !!!
  16. F

    Six Feet

    Sniffing at which foot first ?
  17. F

    Vanessa says ...

    ... come here and lick my Feet !
  18. F

    Feet kissing and more

    Kitty`s friend has been unfaithful. She beats him and he goes to the ground. Kitty ties him up and uses him as slaves. She has much fun with it. Kitty kicks her slave.