feet pov

  1. gsfcreator

    Maya's edging card game (Long feet joi)

    "Mmmm...My enthusiastic little foot-slave! are you ready to play an extreme edging game with me? *laughs* a prolonged game to determine...if and when you cum...? what rewards you get...what torture...? I know you're really excited to see what color of pedicure I have...If my feet are clean or...
  2. E

    Sweaty Gym Socks - POv

    After going to the gym this morning Ms. Elena kept Her nasty, sweaty socks and sneakers on for the rest of the day. Those socks are soaked with her stinky sweat. She just has to pull her perfect white gym socks off her feet and spread her smelly toes out. Now available on my clip store!
  3. F

    Foot Fetish

    We have fine weather and no-one licks my feet.
  4. F

    Do you want to play ?

    Then come and lick my feet !
  5. F


    Lick my Feet and Shoes !
  6. F

    Do you like what you see ?

    Do you like my feet and shoes ?
  7. F

    These Feet are the Hammer

    Wet, sodden, dirty and stinking. With Malwina makes dream fun.
  8. ausguy25

    //SUNSHINE's Solo Feet POV\\ w/ Free Clip

    Wanna get to know Sunshines feet even better.....next to having her step right on your face lol? This clip feet-ures Princess Morgan interviewing Sunshine about her feet and talking about all her wrinkles, curves and toes! One for Sunshines fans! FULL CLIP AT: http://www.clips4sale.com/12525...
  9. I

    Princess ivanas feet making you hard

    hey guys I just posted a hot new clip that will be sure to make you nut...I mean nuts ::giggle:: check it out http://www.clips4sale.com/38327. heres a little picture of my cute little feet....mmm yum yum
  10. F

    Go away, otherwise you get blows !

    I would like to be alone ! Understood !
  11. ausguy25

    Xmas Double Elf POV crush

    Here's one for the POV fans out there! Sweet Cherry feet and Sunshine punish the naughtt Xmas elf for not getting enough work done! By crushing him under their bare feet! http://www.footfetishtube.com/video/22719/xmas-elf-bare-feet-pov-crush Buy the full clip on...