1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ignored by Feet in Stockings

    IGNORED BY FEET IN STOCKINGS Once again, I'm making you pay to watch Me do nothing! No wonder so many of you have been calling My ignore lines. Are you too shy to speak up? Do you become dribbling mess when you are presented with the objects of your fetishes? That's fine, but you're still...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sock Pusher

    SOCK PUSHER CUSTOM: Do you remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Eric Stoltz gives John Travolta a sales pitch, outlining the merits of each grade of heroin he has for sale? Or that scene in American Beauty where the bag guy pulls out a drawer of green and outlines the different types of...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Teased To Shreds

    TEASED TO SHREDS ...There will always be more pantyhose for Me. I do not get upset when I get a run in My stockings, because I see it as an immediate opportunity. Either I wear them to the gym for a couple of days to get them sweaty and sell them to you, or I rip them to pieces and sell the...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Castration Injection

    CASTRATION INJECTION CUSTOM: (You start talking to your slave) ‘I have something special for you. This injection will make you last longer in bed. Your cock will be more productive for me.’ (You pretend to make the injection right between the balls and then you start laughing) ‘You are a...
  5. F

    Cleaning the dirty feet of a street prostitute

    I was walking around downtown last night and saw a hooker walking the streets barefoot with her big stripper heels in her hand. She was decent as far as streetwalkers go, a little chubby, less than perfect skin indicating a meth problem probably, but a fairly pretty face . I was walking behind...
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flats Fapper

    FLATS FAPPER It's time to throw these away. Who wants My stinky garbage flats? One Woman's nasty flats is another man's holy grail! Look at the insides, how worn they are - you can see where My soles have rubbed over the insides, for YEARS. It is obvious that these are well past their prime...
  7. highboots

    Subject to Her Boots

    Larisa chooses a book a then she takes a seat on the sofa. Her boot licker obediently goes to her on all fours to worship her boots. He kisses and licks them with devoutness. In the end she orders him to take her boots off and he starts to serve as a footrest for her feet...
  8. Dunefeet

    Leather it be 1

    Leather it be 1 So many girls trampled the bridge called Skinny guy. From time to time, he gets back to meet some of the new girls. Two of them are already experienced in trampling: Red Sonny and Tall Bea. Next games are reserved for them. Now they walk all over him, smash and crush him...
  9. Marc70

    MISS ELEA in your face! Do you like the VIEWS ?

    Special Foot Views of Miss Elea. Some Trampling- or Crushing Point of Views. Hope you like it! Footfetish Site: www.FootfetishGold.com
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ignored at the Hotel

    IGNORED AT THE HOTEL Shut the fuck up. I don't even acknowledge you - you are not even close enough to Me that I can smell you. My senses are on a much higher level. Watch Me while I don't watch you. Long for My feet as they flourish far away from you.
  11. Marc70

    GO, SUCK it now! (Miss Marinka @ FETISHTAINMENT.com)

    Sexy Marinka wants him to suck her sweaty socks! www.FEMDOMGOLD.com and www.SMELLSOCKS.com
  12. Marc70

    Lick my sweaty nylon feet - MISS SERNA

    Miss Serena want you to lick her sweaty pantyhose feet ! NYLONWORSHIP.com
  13. Marc70

    SNIFF my FEET and sweaty FLATS

    Miss Elsi Spring want you to worship her sweaty flats :D www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFEISHGOLD.com (Premium Members)
  14. trampletime1969


    I met these 3 shoppers at a mall in Brazil, and they wanted to try trampling me! All 3 together, 180, 210, and 160lbs walk, stomp, and jump on me. They take turns standing on my face, and 2 of them even stand on my face at the same time! I am hoping to see them again this year, and they want...
  15. trampletime1969

    TrampleTime at PornHub

    Hi friends, I have been getting trampled around for the world for over 15 years and trying to get injured the whole time!!!! I have just started a pornhub account and am making short clips from my videos for sale, check them out: www.pornhub.com/users/trampletime If you want anything custom...
  16. trampletime1969

    TRAMPLED by a BBW and a COUPLE

    I was at a party for the guests to trample, and a 240lbs biker BBW and her friends (a couple weighing 160lbs and 220lbs), wanted to all stand on me. A mix of face/back/chest standing and a little jumping Unique video, now for sale at a discounted rate at trampletime.manyvids.com The guy...
  17. Dunefeet

    triple agony: triple trampling by beautiful trio...

    Sonny, Aqua and Bea are great friends, connecting fun and fetish all in one. They triple trample Passer-by all the time. He has a hard time breathing while the girls are having fun... 10 years of Female Domination from Dunefeet: http://www.dunefeet.com http://www.clips4sale.com/store/20926
  18. Marc70

    DO you LIKE MILF SOLES ???

    Du you like a MILF Ladys sexy feet and heels ? LADY ANGELA show off her feet and heels www.GIRLSANDFEET.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  19. Dunefeet

    Female on female trampling

    Games with Sonny Cute little girl Stella (18 y.o.) steps and tramples Sonny's belly. Barefoot Female on female trampling. http://www.dunefeet.com http://www.clips4sale.com/store/20926
  20. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sweaty Sock Sniffer 3

    SWEATY SOCK SNIFFER 3 I don't waste a single bit of My awesomeness. Even My gross parts are invaluable and precious, aren't they? Why let them go to waste, when I can use them to get what I want from perverts like YOU? I figured I'd shoot a quick video right after a particularly tough day...