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  1. Miss Jenn Davis

    Miss Jenn Davis Spanks Naughty Boys & Girls "I LOVE TO SPANK!"

    http://www.missjenndavis.com Want to talk to me? Call me on NiteFlirt: https://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/11437472 I also make clips, primarily spanking or FemDom related. Here are my links: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/115576 Clips4sale has most of my content and this includes ABDL...
  2. JulieSimone

    Julie gets SPANKED!

    Julie gets SPANKED! - Nikki Sebastian is tired of Julie Simone mooching off her and eating all her food! Julie says she’s trying to make her ass fatter so she can get more work. Nikki’s had enough and gives Julie a strict over the knee spanking, starting over Julie’s tight jeans, then over her...
  3. JulieSimone

    Julie Simone gets Spanked! F/F Spanking

    Tattooed Domme Bella Vendetta is unhappy with Julie Simone's performance as Her webmaster so She takes matters into Her own hands! She blackmails Julie into taking an over the knee spanking as punishment. Bella starts over Julie's jeans, then over her panties before giving bratty Julie a bare...
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    Free audio file featuring Mistress Cassandra Deville

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    HARD spanking over pink spandex shorts F/F bare bottom OTK

    Sometimes it's hazardous to your health not to clean up your messes, especially when you are a guest in someone else's home - even if you do have your own room there while you visit! To watch this video, please click this link which will give you a number of options for your viewing pleasure...
  6. JulieSimone

    Kelly Payne Spanks Julie Simone's Ample Ass

    Julie Simone ate all the food that was set out for the crew! Kelly Payne comes back from the store and is pissed to see the entire buffet gone! She takes her anger out on Julie's luscious fat ass and spanks it hard, first over Julie's skirt, then over her cute pink and white polka dot cotton...
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    Demonstration Severe hand spanking OTK bare bottom F/f

    Please click the link below to view the full free video and description: http://angelspanked.com/2nd-free-ff-free-spanking-video-otk-hard-hand-spanking-wdana-kane/
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    Angel's Spanking Blog & StepMommy Dearest Spankings

    Recently Renovated, regularly updated. Pictures. Writings. F/f spankings of all varities. Roleplay. domestic discipline, serious punishment, age-play, entire series, spanking art, spanking wellness, all things spanking (and a few not) You can visit my blog at http://angelspanked.com You...
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    All Things Spanking: Free Previews & Member Site

    New Spanking Content: F/f spanking discipline, punishment & roleplay. From mild to severe. http://angelspanked.com/2013/04/24/where-to-find-my-videos/
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    Sneaky Girl Spanked

    Step-mother catches naughty step-daughter sneaking into the house after being several hours past curfew. She gets a sound spanking with a wooden spoon as she cries and wiggles around. Step-mother has no mercy and the naughty girl's pleas fall on deaf ears! Can be found here...
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    DKS: Revamped Theme, New Content, Spanking Galore

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    Naughty Cousins Caught in Closet - F/fm hard discipline

    I've agreed to watch my sisters' brats while they take a well-needed break. These two cousins are so bad - the minute I turn my back on them, they've snuck into my implement closet and tried spanking each other - with a cane and wooden paddle! Dragging them out of the closet, I force them...
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    FREE & REAL F/f severe punishment

    Real spanking, Real Punishment, Real Tears FREE F/F PUNISHMENT VIDEO
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    SpankoTherapy: F/f spanking discipline REAL

    From Ms. Kane Angel's Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Episode One in the new series Angel's Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Angel has come to me, asking for help with some real-life issues. We spend several minutes discussing her spending behavior, then she timidly goes over...
  15. JulieSimone

    Schoolgirl Spanked by her Stepmother! sample clip + pics

    Deanna Deadly is a punk rock schoolgirl who doesn't care about authority. Redhead Julie Simone is her stepmother determined to make her shape up! Julie takes Deanna over her knee and administers a strict over the knee spanking with her bare hand over Deanna's skirt, then over her slutty...
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    DominaNyx questions & beats Her slave before allowing the slave to leave Her quarters

    After having Angel kneel on rice for her first spanking since her dismissal, Domina Nyx calls her into the parlor and has her bend over, tucking her skirt into her panties. She interrogates Angel, deliberately embarrassing her with questions about "how it feels to be spanked on her bare bottom"...
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    Domina Nyx spanks femsub in "Time to Clean"

    Angel's been given a list of things to do around the house.. Unfortunately for her, she decides to to clean Domina Nyx' bed...while she's sleeping in it. DN wakes with a start, and takes Angel across her knee for a long OTK spanking, improvising spanking implements out of the very cleaning tools...
  18. S

    "Time to Think" F/f domestic punishment kneeling on rice/spanking

    Angel comes out of the bathroom dressed in the clothes DN has given her, and is told to kneel on a pile of rice near the fireplace. DN then tells her this is where she will be considering her "very important decision", and begins to crop her and hand spank her - first over her frilly black...
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    "CinderAngel" Vicious Strapping F/f Wicked crazy MILF abuses stepdaughter

    Chapter Six in the first series of "Little Angel & The Wicked Stepmother" Apparently, StepMommy was not satisifed that Angel would keep her mouth shut about the severe discipline she has been doling out. Also, she had residual anger that Angel had the audacity to tattle to her father about...
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    Intimidating MILF Femdom POV with F/f spanking!

    Angel's boyfriend happened to walk in while StepMommy had her across her lap for a bare-handed spanking. This is not acceptable. She throws her stepdaughter off of her lap, leaving her sniffling in the corner of the bed as she severely scolds this young man for his perverted, ungentlemanly...