1. Unchained Perversions

    Silvia Hard Lessons - Heel Shoes Trampling F/F

    Hi there visit our web store and found full HD quality videos and professional camera works . ALSO, you can SEND YOUR CUSTOM VIDEO REQUEST TO: bdsmext@live.com Silvia has prepared Alice as well. Now she wanna test her in a heavy duty task: high heels trampling. Silvia gives pain to Alice by...
  2. B

    F/F Trampling Girl/Girl One of the best...

    Thats the Second Video with Fem/Fem Trampling from this Store. The First Video was not bad but these are Awesome!!!!!! :) The Girls have fun and loving this Trampling and Jumping on Pussy Belly Tits and Face Slapping... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/45325/14798937/Girl+on+Girl+Trampling%21
  3. S

    Free Full length Spanking Video

    Free Spanking Video F/f paddling Visit this link to see free video (full video, not preview): http://angelspanked.com/free-spanking-video-thank-you-missy/
  4. R

    Bad Teacher

    Another quickie. Had a thought about this and decided to put it on the web. Enjoy. Bad Teacher Joan was an ambitious woman who just never quite made it to where she wanted to be. She went to college and got her degree for teaching. She always wanted to teach and no matter what happened...
  5. R

    Maid to Mistress

    Warning: Fantasy story which includes f/f and interacial play and possibly snuff in future chapters. Racially sensitive people may not want to read this but its all about the fetish. Hope everyone enjoys! Maid To Mistress My name is Jimmy and I have a story that could only happen once...
  6. S

    Victory Pose From actresses F/F

    Here is one vitory pose pic from actresses from the Gossip Girl serie: - Top: Serena (Blake Lively) - Laying on the floor: Blair (Leighton Meester) sources : 1, 2 and 3 and my wife! xoxo :clap:
  7. Y

    ~Request from the first lady~

    ~Requests from the first lady~ 2am I was woken out of my sleep by the sound of knocking on the door. They announced themselves as agents threatening to break down the door,i knew If I didn't open the door they would break in so I opened it still half sleep. They told me the first lady needed...
  8. S

    F/f spanking WickedStepmother PT1: Feat. Dana Kane & Angel

    Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother: Welcome Home, Angel "Welcome Home, Angel' is the first episode in the series "Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother". Angel has been sent to live with her father - and his new wife. The Stepmother is NOT happy to have Angel in her new home, and...
  9. B

    GREAT GTS Story

    This is my all time favorite GTS story. It's by Littlelee. He's written many other GTS stories and I believe may be the best GTS Author around. Anyway this story is F/F, which I love. I hope you enjoy the story. Littlelee if you are around, please say hello, thanks. A Summer With...
  10. Y

    Caught at Dianes house pt3

    Diane: I stared her deep into her teary eyes in a horny frenzy,as my sweaty thighs drenched her face I continued to thrust at her stiff tongue that unwillingly stuck in my ass Kairie: This disgusting obese woman sat her nasty ass on my mouth as she commanded my tongue out and stiff,it smelled...
  11. Y


    (A page from Paula Patton's diary b4 her days of fame) Times were definitely getting hard and money was getting tight. With a lack of income I had recently made a deal with a local pimp in order to make money. The deal was that in exchange for a portion of the money I would perform sexual...
  12. M

    New Discipline Academy Videos F/f naughty school girl RP (trilogy)

    Angelica's First Trip to the Principal's Office Student Angelica has found herself in trouble again, but this time the situation calls for more forceful measures than just detention. Angelica has been repeatedly warned about violating the school’s dress code regulations. But because Angelica...
  13. K

    Curse of Penny Putty F/F

    (this is my first story am submitting. as a heads up, this story involves a woman being flattened and molded like putty. let me know how the story is ^_^. i'm copying and pasting it from my writing.com profile "Gilgamesh". PS my spelling and punctuations might be off) another day at school...
  14. B

    Fat girl/girl trampling

    Please help me to find the video and where i can download it, i only have some pictures and the name: 3 Girls Slumber Party Trample
  15. R

    Celebrity's assistant Part 2

    I quickly got up on the bed wondering what she planned to do. She climbed up over my body facing me. "I am going to let you be my little sex slave from now on Carol." She was straddeling my body almost sitting on my stomach. "Please, Jloe I don't want to do this, I said." "Too late for that...
  16. R

    Celebrity's assistant

    My name is Carol. I just got a job as a assistant to a celebrity. I am under a strict confidentiality agreement, so I cannot list her name. Here is a clue though. This woman is a tall beauty. She just recently got married to a athlete and has a TV show with 1 of her sisters and another TV...