1. F

    Cleaning the dirty feet of a street prostitute

    I was walking around downtown last night and saw a hooker walking the streets barefoot with her big stripper heels in her hand. She was decent as far as streetwalkers go, a little chubby, less than perfect skin indicating a meth problem probably, but a fairly pretty face . I was walking behind...
  2. UnderGiantessFeet

    My Boots Too Dirty For You?

    Lana makes pitiful slavegirl lick dirty boots. Her boots very filthy and look disgusting. Lana spits many times on her boots and orders to lick her spit and street dirt. Slavegirl does everything, she licks and swallows nasty spit and dirt from boots inclusive from soles. She tries remove all...
  3. A

    Strict bitches new clips all this week

    Every day this week Princess Jada, Princess Barb and the Psycho Sisters are adding clips at Strict Bitches. Check them out and other great titles from The Whipping Bitch and Glamour Pain Girls. You can find them here:
  4. F

    I'm new here

    Hey i'm new too this site names josh i'm 6"1 190 pounds black hair brown eyes with a thick 9 inch cock. I'm currently am a student but I party on my free time, I like nasty girls that are down to do ANYTHING I will go to an extremes and i'm looking for a girl who is down for the same thing. I...