1. F

    True story financial domination

    Just a quick true story about the relationship I share with my someone. She is and has always been a very open, honest and caring person who is very easy to talk to and very understanding. A little over a year ago, she text me asking if she could borrow some money, to which I said of course...
  2. D

    Pay for my new clothes

    Find these new clips at and Find these clips at Find these clips at And you can find them all at
  3. F

    Good Life, Bad Life Part 3

    Well, a few weeks after visiting piggy, my husband of almost 20 years tells me he doesn’t love me anymore and wants to move on with his life (I later found out he was moving on to a younger woman he had apparently been dating for some time). Just like that, after all those years, I couldn’t...
  4. PSarah

    Valuable A$$ (PREVIEW)

    It is so valuable, that you're going to pay Me for each and every lick you take! Admire My round, firm-yet-squishy, soft Ass cheeks...My ribbon thong, literally made of money, wraps around My hips so perfectly... LICK IT! Cha-ching, that's more money for Me, sucker. How about that? I'm...