1. SexiRavenRae

    Goddess RavenRae

    Precisely mastered Queen of Financial Domination Bow before your Queen! Be the slave she wants and give all she desires... Resisting is worthless much like you! All my bills are being paid by my slaves will you be lucky enough to be one of them?
  2. MistressAnja

    Findom in Manhattan, New York City

    My Name is Anja Delux, based in Manhattan, New York City. I am your dominatrix, Femdom, Mistress and yes i love to be a FINDOM. Worship and submit to me. I also travel to Atlantic City , Boston and Philadelphia and 3- 4 times a year to London, Dublin, Monte Carlo, Marbella.
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Pay My Pumps

    PAY MY PUMPS Bow down before luxury. Pay $90 for high heels and then sit helplessly as I use them to walk all over you. Drain you some more. Pay for the weapons of your own destruction. Watch Me flex and pose My feet and legs. I am THE expert foot tease. I know just where you like to look. I...
  4. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola's New Clips

    ALL I WANT FOR XMAS, I GET! I get whatever I want for Christmas. I don't care if I've been naughty or nice - Santa's My bitch. What have I done this year? I've made boys eat My tampons, drink My nectar, go to sleep under My ass, abuse and ruin their dicks and balls, endure My mean...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Happy Birthday to Me.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Happy Birthday to Me. I'm nude in repose, and I'm enjoying a smooth vape. This is the only full-on completely nude video I've done, and I'm loving it. Gorgeous. Perfection. Ecstasy. It is My birthday today, and you will treat Me like the divine Goddess I am. I want...
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - I Will Wreck your Life

    I WILL WRECK YOUR LIFE I am your nasty nightmare. I am that girl that you keep seeing when you're out with your significant other, your family, your job, your life. Without saying a word, I come along and ruin everything. I can't help it. It's your fault for being so weak. I'm going to...
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Monetize Everything

    MONETIZE EVERYTHING Every second of My time is billable. Even while I'm doing literally nothing, waiting for the central air to turn off so that I can film. So I'm using My minutes to squeeze more money out of you. My motto is "monetize everything!" Each movement of My body is expensive...
  8. GoddessLilith

    Luxury Goddess Lilith

    I live an extravagant lifestyle and there is never a dull moment when you're in My world. Are you looking for someone to guide your pathetic existence and give it some meaning? Only intelligent and dedicated Finsubs need apply. Visit My site and Twitter page to learn about your new cash...
  9. S

    Greedy Brat Takes What She Wants

    Greedy Brat Takes What She Wants I don't need your money. I just want it! The thing is, I just want you to suffer. You don't make enough money to even impress me, your tributes make very little difference to me, but without this money, all you will do is sit around and think of me, think of how...
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sock Pusher

    SOCK PUSHER CUSTOM: Do you remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Eric Stoltz gives John Travolta a sales pitch, outlining the merits of each grade of heroin he has for sale? Or that scene in American Beauty where the bag guy pulls out a drawer of green and outlines the different types of...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flats Fapper

    FLATS FAPPER It's time to throw these away. Who wants My stinky garbage flats? One Woman's nasty flats is another man's holy grail! Look at the insides, how worn they are - you can see where My soles have rubbed over the insides, for YEARS. It is obvious that these are well past their prime...
  12. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Fake Domme Gets FUCKED! feat Lance Hart

    FAKE DOMME GETS FUCKED! The most disgusting of impersonations: A 100% subbie, slutty, cock-gobbling little gurl, posing as a "Domme" to try to fleece internet idiots by reciting from the instadomme handbook. Unfortunately, playing the part will eventually expose her for the fraud she is! I...
  13. Miles Striker

    Your Body is Nothing But a Hole to be Used by Cock for Roxanne Rae

    GIF: Clip: Plot: You’re Roxanne Rae’s personal little bitch and guess what? She’s got a new boyfriend, sooooooooo guess who must provide for two now? You of course! How...
  14. GoddessNyxx

    Findom— Don't Get It Twisted

    Since this forum section is fresh I'd like to go into the technical terms surrounding Findom. Findom (aka Financial Domination) as I explained on my site's BDSM Glossary is a type of domination in which the Domme has control over the sub’s finances. The sub is either instructed to tribute or...
  15. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Black French

    BLACK FRENCH Romantic and vicious, sensual and sadistic. A simple, classic pedicure with a dak and sensual twist. Black French, on My toes and My fingers. My fingernails are long, sleek and all-natural. No tips. My toe nails are tiny and cute, but each nail holds up to the design and sports...
  16. M

    help with findom addiction

    Hi, I'm a married guy, mid '50s, love my wife, have 2 grown children out of the house, yada-yada. Unfortunately, i've spent $20,000 in findom , homewrecking and blackmail clips and calls and tributes the last several months to niteflirt, manyclips, clips4sale, iwantclips, kinkbomb...
  17. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Make it Hurt 2

    MAKE it HURT 2 Financial domination is BDSM. Yes. It is. It is submission through pain, and it is total power exchange. The loss of control, after I've put it into My capable, perfect hands, is both exciting and soothing. Pushing your limits to the edge, and then nudging you a bit over the...
  18. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - A Husband's Failure

    A HUSBAND'S FAILURE My simple little slave husband has disappointed Me. Deeply. Once again, he has misplaced O/our wedding band. The level of disrespect, of neglect, of carelessness, it's just too much. Unacceptable. I need to remind him of his place beneath Me, and I want him punished...
  19. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Leg Bait

    LEG BAIT I know how to catch My prey. My bait is irresistible, and I catch white whales along with an entire ocean of swimmers. Even if you keep trying to resist, it creeps up on you. Insidious. Luscious. Seduction. I am an expert Manipulatrix at the top of My craft. I am the Cock...
  20. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Spend it on a Sockjob

    SPEND IT ON A SOCKJOB Hey little bitch, I'm home from My long day of shopping! These boots are hot and sweaty, and the friction of My feet inside My cotton socks has built up lots of sweat. Oh, by the way, thanks for the handful of credit cards you gave Me to burn up at the stores! I used up...