1. UnderGiantessFeet

    Slave Girl Under Sweaty Gym Ass

    Tall fitness babe Emily humiliates submissive slave girl. She sits on slave's face and does not allow her to breathe. Emily wears her black tight gym shorts. And yes, her shorts sweaty and smelly after workout. Emily spits in slave's mouth and sits down at her face again. Slave girl has a big...
  2. FemdomFights

    Fitness Model Mixed Wrestling

    Muscular Barbara beats down the pasty wimp Duncan in a fantasy mixed wrestling match. Full video on -
  3. SAS_Jack

    Fitness Model Worship HD

    Hi guys, We have a POV worship video up at It's got super hot Mistress Jenna making you worship her amazing muscles, pussy, tits and ass. Here is the blurb: Thanks guys Jack
  4. X

    Trampling on AmazonMania

    Heeelllooo! Eventhough we at AmazonMania are not fully dedicated to trampling, we do have quite some trampling in our video's. And the latest video that we added is one for trampling only, where Veronica does brutal trampling on her victim!... The video is called Brutal Trampling.. We...