flip flops

  1. GoddessLilith

    Public foot humiliation at the airport

    I love taking My boys out to do extremely humiliating things. Do any of you fantasize about this? Here is a quick video I took on My phone of My slave picking Me up at the airport, I made him get on his knees and worship My feet in front of everyone. he did not hesitate. But would you do it...
  2. S

    Teased by Rainbow Flip Flops

    Teased by Rainbow Flip Flops You love seeing me in my favorite rainbow flip flops and I'm feeling rather generous... watch as a I stretch my soles, flip my thongs, snapping them loudly as I walk. You can't help but lust over these stappy flip flops as you catch a glimpse of the bottom of my...
  3. MissMinaBBW

    Flip Flop Cuck Cream Pie Cleanup

    Download my Flip Flop Cuck Cream Pie Cleanup HD video at my clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids I Want Clips Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom videos are available. Email me at GodMotherOfAss@protonmail.com for rates & info on a custom that YOU direct. Follow me...
  4. Jewel

    3 big oatmeal cookies crushed under my platform flip flops on glass for a slave to eat!

    can you eat treats that i have stepped on and smashed under my feet and shoes? yep you sure can and if you spend enough for that privilege i will make a video for you to buy like this one! i use my sexy platform flip flops to smash and grind 3 big oatmeal cookies into a mess for you to lick up...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flip Flop Thong Slap 2

    FLIP FLOP THONG SLAP 2 Watch Me flip flop flap flap all the way up and down the lane! There's not a lot of dialogue, if any, in this - just the way My eyes and lips speak to you without saying a word. And sign language. The naughty kind. Even when I'm a cute little brat, I'm simply...
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flip Flop Thong Slap

    FLIP FLOP THONG SLAP Let's go way back, to My original foot fetish and shoe fetish videos. This time, it's even better. Watch Me flip flop flap across the floor, and you'll feel like a happy little foot boy lying on the floor, viewing from below. Each step is loud as My thong sandals slap...
  7. brazilfeet

    Worship Clarisse Delicious Feet

    Worship Clarisse Delicious Feet Pt.1 Hot Clarisse is so delightful using flip flops letting her feet very beautiful. Taty is obeyed to lick her dirty flip flops and then to smell and to worship her soles and toes. GREAT SCENES OF: FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT WORSHIP AND LESBIAN...
  8. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Big Size 10 Feet SlaveGirl

    Slave girl worships Veronica's gorgeous feet. Veronica has really beautiful and big (size 10US) feet. Her toes are long and look perfect with red shellac. She wears old Flip Flops. She tramples slave's face when she kisses and sucks her toes. Veronica makes slave girl to clean all street dirt...
  9. Zonda

    Flip Flops Produce More Cum HD

    Flip Flops Produce More Cum HD HD Clip (1280x720) - JUST PERFECT! Latinas Goddesses Isabel and Vanesa have their toenails perfectly painted. Baldy slave has a big erection. The Goddesses are wearing sexy flip flops, these flip flops allow to see in all her glory the perfection of the feet of...
  10. Zonda

    Bathroom Carpet For Goddess Isabel HD

    Bathroom Carpet For Goddess Isabel HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Latina Goddess Isabel wants to go shopping. The loser is now forced to lie on the floor to be the carpet of this PERFECT LATINA GODDESS. She mocks him for being a loser. While Latina Goddess Isabel is taking care of her hair and HOT...
  11. D

    The Jailhouse Blues. (Fictional foot fetish and femdom story).

    The Jailhouse Blues – Chapter 1 (of 3). By davidmuleguy. Chapter 1: Len falls foul of the Authoritarian Female Party's new legislation. PROLOGUE: The Lowe Institution for Male Behavioural Offenders. (L.I.M.B.O.) December 2070 (Twenty seventy). Dear reader, my...
  12. FlattenedOne

    Trying on clothes while trampling

    Felicity can't decide what to wear. It's frustrating to her. Her solution? Put Matt under her feet as she tries on various outfits. This two birds with one stone... 1) see how different outfits fit and 2) destroy Matt in the process. A lot of her stuff has been getting tighter since she has...
  13. E

    Filthy Flip Flop Trample

    I am going on vacation and before I leave I want to make sure my flip flops are fresh and clean for the beach. I lay my slave out like a carpet and use him until I am satisfied. I wipe off my filthy sandals all over his body, even standing on his face and cock. I don't just put my full weight on...
  14. F

    Caution !

    Katja comes !
  15. F

    Hello from Floorman!

    What's up all!?!?! Iknow lately I haven't been very active here, but things will be picking up soon! For now, enjoy some pics of Mistress Sage having her way with me :-)
  16. D

    chatrooms of yesterday

    Hello All, I was thinking back to the fun time in chatrooms (and all the cool people I met there). First there was #feet room in IRC, then there were a few user created rooms in Yahoo chat - but lately there dosn't seem to be the same experience anywhere else? Am I just being...
  17. M

    Atheena has her foot licked and sucked.

    Atheena gets her foot licked and sucked... To see more pictures check http://kissherfoot.com
  18. M

    Shiloh tramples

    Check out Shiloh trample in flip flops. For more pictures go to http://www.headunderheels.com Let me know what you think. Thanks :2guns: