1. lilu_hotty

    MissLiLu Slapping Flogging & Caning

    This time I wear Leather Skirt and Leather Gloves! At the beginning i have my Slave on my Laps just like a baby ..and I Slap its ass with my Hands... just to warm my self up, but i think it only makes the slave horny... still its ass got that nice Red shine! So i decide to give that slave some...
  2. headscissors

    Kinky Lucrecia's BDSM clips

    KL58: Flogged and Scratched Available at: http://www.clips4sale.com/84609/17563830 Mistress Lucrecia flogs her slave hard and scratches his skin to satisfy her sadism. Buy this video in HD quality at: http://www.clips4sale.com/84609/17563830
  3. L

    Owned By Princess - Me & my personal slave

    I recently took on a personal slave 24/7. So far he has been very useful in terms of service and being my personal punching bag, lol. I decided to start video taping some of our sessions and put them up on clips4sale: http://clips4sale.com/111042 Here are a few previews of the fun I have been...
  4. lilu_hotty

    MissLiLu - The New Spanker

    Hello everyone! My name is Miss LiLu, and i am a new Mistress in Femdom world! So I would like to introduce my self today to the Spanker community, come see my new MissLiLu.com ! I am a Starter as a true domina and i hope u ll not judge me too hard, but i am sure you will enjoy the way i...
  5. lilu_hotty

    Miss LiLu - your new domina

    Hello I finally opened My Own Femdom Store at c4s: http://clips4sale.com/store/3010 You may seen my other stores: HandJobs, Upskirt, but now I finally take a full advantage over my 100% real slaves. I must say that I am New to true Femdom, and slowly build my experience, but i am sure you...
  6. D

    Daily updates on my Clips4Sale Store

    I won't flood this forum with each update, but here are some previews of what's been going on at My Clip Store. French Boot Slave I have arrived in my Paris loft and my tiny, French slave, Wilfred is ready for his worship reward, a long tongue bath for my supple, leather boots. The...
  7. L

    Goddess Leila's new slave

    So far this bitch boy has proven himself useful but for our next session I want to put him through even more. Anal training & GS are on the list... All clips up now at http://clips4sale.com/92193/
  8. NatalyaSadici

    Whipped into My stable

    The following clip has been added to http://clips4sale.com/studio/30362 Whipped into My stable It's been a long time since slave c has been in the presence of Mistress Natalya Sadici. To get back into Her stable of slaves he must endure whatever Mistress Natalya wants to put him through...
  9. Mistress Meltz

    Dont wake the sleepin Empress (Kabani) pt. 3

    This part contains a somewhat playful flogging from Mistress Meltz while Empress Kabani looks for her cane. During the flogging this poor slave starts to cry and whines like a real bitch. He thinks his pain is over and then the caning begins from Empress Kabani. He does pushusp and tries to run...
  10. B

    Tickle and flog revenge on Malice

    Reenaye Starr & Lacee Angel have a bone to pick with Malice. Malice lost her job and has been sitting at home eating everyones food. Reenaye and Lacee sit on the couch and tell Malice she has to earn her keep some way. Reenaye proceeds to tickle Malice with her feather and flips her over on the...
  11. Zonda

    Destroying Your Back HD

    Destroying Your Back HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Young Latina Goddess Salome destroys the back of this ugly slave. This bastard came to our house to be destroyed by this Young Goddess. She is small but cruel. Goddess Salome uses her flogger to whip very hard his back. She laughs and enjoys this...
  12. Zonda

    Isabel Likes Whipping HD

    Isabel Likes Whipping HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Latina Goddess Isabel is a merciless beauty Goddess. She loves to whip the baldy slave with her flogger because she is a Goddess and he is just a worm. She has a blast flogging slave's back. You can see how the slave suffers and she enjoys this...
  13. Zonda

    Girls Whipping Bald Maid HD

    Girls Whipping Bald Maid HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Three girls next-door type. These Latinas Goddesses are so natural and cruel, girls like these are the girl of your dreams ¡¡REAL GIRLS!! They aren't mistresses that proclaim to be unattainable. They are natural girls that enjoy punishing...
  14. T

    Corporal Destruction 1 w/Goddess Pepper

    Discipline Academy "Corporal Destruction 1 w/Goddess Pepper" Goddess Pepper makes her video debut and is on a mission to destroy slave bill's ass. She begins flogging him before turning to the paddle. bill pleads for mercy which falls on deaf ears. She tells him he WILL take what is coming...
  15. B

    Until the bell rings

    Natalie Minx has Trixie in dentention for acting up in class. Her punishment includes a sensual spanking and flogging, which Trixie receives with some trepidation yet still begs for more. As Natalie spanks and rubs Trixie's ass, she pays special attention to Trixie's pussy, which she is...
  16. B

    Double Spanking

    Scar and Krissy are bent over and ready to receive. Mistress Aradia has a paddle and a flogger for both of those asses. http://clips4sale.com/56105/8284533 http://clips4sale.com/56105 http://bestfetishclips.tumblr.com/
  17. B

    Painful Feet

    Natasha Sweet has her sub Dana DeArmond bent over and ready to submit to her sadist ways. Natasha has plans for her soft, tender feet. She begins with some simple foot spanking with her riding crop and flogger. When that's not enough, she attaches metal clamps to the skin between Dana's toes and...
  18. B

    Breaking The Spirit

    Mistress Aradia has Ariel X in chains, vulnerable to anything that she has to dish out. First is a sharp spanking, to break Ariel's resolve. Once she's been subdued, Aradia gives her a rough but sensual groping. This is followed by a solid flogging, designed to put Ariel completely under...
  19. M

    Worship Goddess Selena - Boot Worship/Flogging

    Slaveboy thinks he is going to have the pleasure of cleaning my boots, but he is wrong. He only gets to clean them for a few minutes. I flog him and decide which one is better, the red or the black. *Selena* http://worshipselena.com http://clips4sale.com/studio/54571/Worship-Selena
  20. B

    You Will Have To Earn It

    Carrie Ann has got her fingers busy working on her own pussy when Mistress Natasha Sweet makes the scene. Carrie is going to have to earn the right to get off, so before that clit can get any more sensual stimulation, it's going to have to take a flogging. Carrie's ass is next, which the...