foot choke

  1. normbob

    'Foot humiliation' from Shoe Store Divas

    Hi everybody, ERIKA, the fantastic french Giantess (6' 2" of dominant beauty), is catching the slave playing with her lingerie. OUCH! This is absolutely against her rules. Then begins a great foot humiliation session in which she degrades the fool by pushing the stockings and panties in his...
  2. Alesya20

    Sexy Betty Foot Smelling Foot Tickling Sometimes Trina is a naughty girl. She is afraid of pain and humiliation and her Mistress knows this perfectly, so she wants to humiliate Trina in such a way that will make her sit on her knees and hold her Mistress's...
  3. Alesya20

    Sweet beautiful girl from Russia The girls Kelly and Monika goof on the silly slave who can do nothing. Monica sits on the back of the slave, tightly squeezes his hair and pulls upwards so that this schmuck does not dare turn away or resist, otherwise...
  4. M

    Hot Foot Fetish Clips!

    In my admittedly biased opinion, Mistress B produces the hottest foot fetish clips on the net. I've never been into foot fetish but enjoy I enjoy the clips that she produces. Take a look at some shots from her latest one below and get ready to start begging to lick those arches! The...
  5. E

    The Foot Slut Gets Double Punished!

    This foot slut has been getting awfully greedy. He just wants all the feet he can get. Well Myself and Miss Varla are give him all the feet he can handle and ten some. We take turns gagging, choking, slapping, kicking and trampling him. he should have been careful what he wished for. Now...
  6. GoddessLilith

    FOOT GAGGING / FaceFucking clip LIMITED TIME

    I have put up a REAL Foot Gagging, Domination / FaceFucking video in My clips4sale store. However it is only available for the next 7 days. after that I am pulling it since I promised My slave I would only humiliate him for a week. Get it while you can!
  7. F

    Siren Drops and Stomps Victor!! Sample clip.

    Hi, everyone. I'd like everyone to check us out at my new C4S studio. Here's a complete clip of pt 2 of our latest F vs M freestyle wrestling match, on the house. (This clip is only for MDFFers, so please do not repost anywhere else) Siren wrestles Victor in a freestyle semi-competitive...