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  1. jimmmywanng

    Bratty Princess Sasha! - Caught Sniffing Your Sisters Socks POV Princess Sasha comes into her bedroom to find her pervy brother! you! sniffing her sweaty socks! she insults you and humiliates you before bringing you to the couch! shes wearing her bedtime clothes and sweaty shoes! she peels them...
  2. jimmmywanng

    Step Demon - Part 1

    hey everyone! one of my patrons told me i should write more foot stories so im going to start splitting my time between ass worship and toilet stories and foot worship and stink humiliation. this story is about a 18 year old girl dominating a older man. part 2 is already up on my patreon page...
  3. Ms. Sweet

    Ms. Sweet's Picture Page

    Picture Page Picture Page!:p I thought i'd share some of my newest pictures, relevant to this forum thread of course. I have posted more, but am not going to post them again here. You can find them in Mistress site updates. Anywho, I've purchased a new camera, and am loving the picture...
  4. M

    Mistress B's Sensual Feet

    Hi everyone, If you're turned on by the sight of the soles, arches and toes of a hot Dommes feet then you should check out Mistress B's latest foot fetish clip: Sensual 6 - Feet. This is one of a series celebrating all the sensual, sexy parts of Mistress B's body and no doubt this will get...
  5. Mistress Meltz

    My holiday themed foot pics and vid

    I know its after the fact but I did a holiday themed foot worship video. I took pics too. Its just me showing of my soles, wiggling my toes and showing off my new peidcure in sexy lingerie and a Santa hat. Ive added this video (as well as another holiday themed vid) to my c4s and nf.
  6. M

    WorshipGoddessSelena-Foot Worship

    My wake up call. *Selena*
  7. Q

    Dirty Foot Fetish

    Imagine me rubbing my dirty filthy feet all over your cock. And then smashing it! I squeeze the tip of my dildo between my cute ebony toes. Awesome up close point of view. Full Clip Here
  8. M

    Las Vegas Domme With Hot Feet And Shoes

    Hello there, Check out My new website FEET-uring My collection of Hot Worn Shoes. I have worn all of these hot shoes on My Sexy Feet and now they are all available for sale: MZ BBW
  9. supremekn

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB - GODDESS LOUNA et son larbin Boris sur You Tube

    Salut à tous, Vous êtes très nombreux à nous demander de nouvelles vidéos avec Louna, Elle sera de nouveau en France cet été et des shootings sont prévus. Ses dernières vidéos sont dans la boutique et sur Clips4sale ...
  10. S

    More foot domination

    Attached the rest of the pics, basically the girls bare feet on my face whole time. A lot of foot smothering with toes/sole on mouth, face kicks, and she forced me to smell her feet. Girl was very dominant. Then she does a converse victory pose of her sole on my face after I'm exhausted and...
  11. supremekn

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB / THE FEMDOM SHOP - Goddess Rebela and Goddess Demonia

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB / THE FEMDOM SHOP presents Goddess Rebela, Goddess Demonia, slave Guillaume, WHO'S THE WHORE ? Rebela is in Paris for a few days, she decides to visit her great friend Demonia. Two months have passed since their last meeting, they have so many things to discuss ...
  12. F

    **Just 10 DAYS Till the Vegas Footnight- MODELS LIST POSTED!**

    JUST 10 DAYS TO GO TILL FOOTNIGHT LAS VEGAS! We'd love to have you guys on the Forum join us at the upcoming Las Vegas Footnight foot party on Thursday, June 28th. The Las Vegas footnights are among the coziest and most fun Footnights in the country with great 1-on-1 privacy, amazing...
  13. supremekn

    Young Goddess Club - Goddess Rachel

    GODDESS RACHEL by YOUNG GODDESS CLUB. Extrait vidéo HD actuellement disponible sur YOUNG GODDESS CLUB et THE FEMDOM SHOP. Pour les amateurs de Métisses... Un larbin blanc se fait dominer par l'une des plus belles dominas métisses de Paris. Fétichisme des pieds, uro, humiliations, crachats...
  14. supremekn

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB - German Goddess Louna

    GERMAN GODDESS LOUNA by YOUNG GODDESS CLUB More about this 20 YO Goddess:
  15. G

    New Pics! Filthy Fucking Feet Gallery/Clips

    I'm pleased to announce a new page on my site Filthy Fucking Feet A visual treat for all the DIRTY SOLE lovers Enjoy Foot Freaks, Destroi
  16. F


    Get here, I want to be spoiled !
  17. F


    A show like much dirt now at the feet sticks.
  18. F


    There is a Footstool a luck this.
  19. M

    Sexy toes you dont wanna miss

  20. M

    All you can feet