foot licking

  1. tyler

    Difficult Feet to get at first

    April Mikazi (5'6", size 7.5) was extremely difficult for me to get at first. She had an explosive angry personality when various model scouts tried to convince her that feet modeling was legit. She thought it was a 100% pure scam and would shout at anyone who tried to convince her otherwise...
  2. tyler

    Ticklish Gymrat Feetlicking after Workout

    Larissa Louder (5'6", size 7), is a fitness trainer who's ticklishness can be insane. One time after her leg-day workout, she asked me if I would lick the bottoms of her feet fresh out of her trainers. She wasn't even wearing socks. I was happy to oblige in hopes that I might be her regular...
  3. tyler

    Barefoot Workout Leads to Tongue Tickling

    Have you ever seen a fit woman who was barefoot in the gym and thought to yourself: "Wow, I'd love to lick and smell her feet!"? Well I asked this fitness trainer, Larissa Louder, to let me do just that while she was trying to do some yoga poses. She was very ticklish and even had a long...
  4. Alesya20

    060 Betty's Foot Humiliation Spitting ,dirty Feet, footsex, foot worship.069 Betty wants to trample the face of the boyfriend. 069 Betty wants to trample the face of the boyfriend. The girl makes a whole pool of saliva from the face of her boyfriend and smears his face with feet, makes a massage. Her sweaty legs want to be sniffed...
  5. Alesya20

    Sexy Legs Betty Face Sitting Spitting Trampling Foot Slave Training Foot Tickling Sexy Betty Foot Smelling Foot Tickling Spitting 087
  6. Alesya20

    Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Betty humiliates the domestic slave using sweaty smelly feet. The lady spits in his face, makes him sniff her sweaty dirty socks that she has been wearing for a...
  7. Furetto

    Adidas Mania (for dirty sneakers and smelly feet fans) One of our loyalest customers has a strong fetish for Adidas sneakers and dirty feet. He sent us this screenplay: ''Dear ItalFetish staff, I simply adore your actress Little Acab. I love young rebels and dangerous girls always angry, especially...
  8. Furetto

    Your Place is At My Feet! (foot domination & humiliation)

    New Fetish Obsession Video Berta (21 years old) is a very naughty and bad girl. On the contrary, her boyfriend Franco is the classic goodguy, an insignificant person with no particular talent. Obviously Franco's unique and right place is...
  9. Furetto

    Annihilated By Feet and Spits

    New video Fetish Obsession Forced to take an uncomfortable position on the cold floor, Franco will suffer in this video a real lesson of domination based on spitting and feet licking. The lesson is teached by a cruel and young mistress...
  10. brazilfeet

    Tina Delicious First Foot Worship Pt.3

    Tina Delicious First Foot Worship Pt.3 Beautiful Tina ends this hot foot domination session over Taty very satisfied. Her slave is very submissive and worships her feet until the end. GREAT SCENES OF: LESBIAN, FOOT DOMINATION AND FOOT WORSHIP!!!
  11. AATBxxx

    Sasha Fox Worships Miss Roper's Succulent Soles

    This HOT Foot Worship clip was released yesterday on MISSROPER.COM - I gave Sasha Fox her Thanksgiving meal, early... Category: FOOT WORSHIP Related Categories: FOOT FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, LESBIAN DOMINATION, SOLE LICKING, WRINKLED SOLES Keywords: Sasha Fox, Miss Roper, Raquel Roper...
  12. Unchained Perversions

    Unchained Perversions - Slave Foot Licking

    Only the most exclusive content, quality and girls:
  13. Q

    Know Your Place

    You men really are pathetic, your not important, it's all in your head. Your not Prince Charming, your an asshole. You deserve nothing but to be at a woman's feet, licking the dirt from them. I'm not the only woman that feels that way. You go to work and make some money and feel all powerful...
  14. Q

    Stinky Handjob

    I hope you like that smell. Lord knows I could have smelled them a mile away when I took my shoes off. I have been on my feet all day walking around shopping. I was wearing my cute little leather flats without socks, so they got really fucking sweaty. Go ahead sniff that stinky foot you know you...
  15. Q

    Premature Ejaculation lol

    My footboy has been good that I wanted to reward him. So I let him jerk off to my feet, to bad it doesn't last long. This is the reason I have to have other men, he didn't even last two minutes. He came so fast I had to put the clip on a loop just so it was long enough to upload rofl. All of you...
  16. Q

    Parking Lot Dirt Part 2

    See how dirty my feet are? I did this just for you. My feet were so hot coming out of the gym, they were so sweaty and stinky. So I thought why not make them even dirtier for you. I thought I would take them off and cool them walking around the parking lot. They are really dirty just for you. I...
  17. Q

    Premature Ejaculation

    I decided to be nice and jerk my footboy while letting him smell my feet. Surprise, surprise the smell is to much for him and he cums in no time at all. This is why I have to sleep around on him so much. You guys may have to watch it twice in order to cum. For more
  18. Q

    My Expectations

    I am using my husbands face as a foot stool while I tell him my expectations on tonight. I meet a man and he is taking me out tonight. So my husband needs to grovel at my feet while I do my make up in the bathroom. Then I will put him in chastity and leave. I am not sure if I am coming home...
  19. NatalyaSadici

    Foot Sweat Licker

    "Foot Sweat Licker" has been added to After wearing latex the whole morning Mistress Natalya Sadici has foot sweat built up between Her pedicured toes. She summons slave bc to carefully remove Her high heels and give a foot massage. The slaves who go the extra mile...
  20. Zonda

    Foot Slave Licks Feet Of Bratty Alicia HD

    Foot Slave Licks Feet Of Bratty Alicia HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - This sexy Latina actually has a bratty attitude. Latina Princess Alicia has her new slave kneeling in front of her while she is sitting on a high chair with her beautiful small feet on the face of her foot slave. Latina...