foot slave

  1. gsfcreator

    Dr.Anastasia's foot-fetish Therapy - starring Anastasia Rose! (FW, FJ)

    A guy feels like he's got a lost case of an extreme foot fetish. he decides to visit a known psychologist - Dr.Anastasia rose - in order to get rid of his "problem". Anastasia got a very unusual way to help him...and it's nothing even close to what he expected. Slowly, As she seems to...
  2. gsfcreator

    The double-bet - a footjob Epic (foot worship, teasing, chastity, footjob) - with Jae-lynn

    Jae Lynn's roommate seems to have a good laugh, browsing the internet on his phone and finding out about The foot fetish. he asks Jae, which is sitting right next to him, if she ever heard about something so ridiculous?! Jae lynn doesn't agree with him, and as he keeps claiming feet are...
  3. gsfcreator

    Nyxon turns her tenant into a foot-slave (Freezing, foot-worship)

    Nyxon's poor tenant is late paying the rent. he is desperate and begs her to give him a couple of extra weeks to get the money, cause he's going through a hard time. he doesn't want to sleep on the streets! Nyxon is a very generous landlord, it seems...even though he said he'll do the laundry...
  4. gsfcreator

    Princess Ivory turns her patient into a foot zombie

    a guy with a lost case of an extreme foot-fetish heard a lot about Dr.soles, and heard that she might be the one to save him from his "problem". he got a severe case of a foot-fetish, which shows even as he's sitting next to Ivory on her couch. his gaze keeps roaming toward her sexy, dangling...
  5. gsfcreator

    Ivory turns her patient into a foot-zombie (foot worship, hypno)

    PRINCESS IVORY, Gsfcreator a guy with a lost case of an extreme foot-fetish heard a lot about Dr.soles, and heard that she might be the one to save him from his "problem". he got a severe case of a foot-fetish, which shows even as he's sitting next to Ivory on her couch. his gaze keeps roaming...
  6. gsfcreator

    Not your normal girl-crush: the making of a foot-slave - featuring Ayla Aysel (FJ, FW, chastity)

    4k version here! Hd version here! Watch trailer and follow me on twitter here
  7. gsfcreator

    Irresistible - the foot freak's sin - a full film of foot-seduction, worship and FJ starring Olivia kasady

    OLIVIA KASADY, Gsfcreator ***Special discount sale on the full video!*** Olivia's best friend is about to get married. As beautiful Olivia comes to visit the fiancé, he's not suspecting a thing. that changes quickly, as Olivia Places her feet nonchalantly on his lap. Olivia wastes no time...
  8. HoustonFetish

    Foot Slave Set 1 3D Models

    I'm not always allowed to bring a camera along when I'm at someone's feet... so I'll try to recreate some of these moments with a simple 3D modeling program. The rest of the set is on my site at
  9. HoustonFetish

    New fantasy trample set

    In between shoots with Goddess Rhea, I love to play around with a simple 3D modeling program. Check out the full set on my blog!
  10. MartinTramplingLover

    Czech Trampling Page

    Hi every who loves trampling and crushing.... My videos from Czech republic just you watch od and everything is FREE !!! *** NEW UPDATES *** Clip 1 : Face standing and Face crushing with nylon foot Clip 2 : Face walking and nose standing with nylon foot Clip 3 : Cock foot job...
  11. normbob

    'Dirty shoes licking', from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, ERIKA, the french Giantess (6'2" tall) is paying a visit to her foot slave to have her (very) dirty shoes cleaned. And here he goes, flat on the floor running his tongue all over his Mistress' shoes to remove the dust and stains off them. Towering over the sub-slave, she rubs her...
  12. jamiessalve

    Crushed under couples cruel feet

    Good evening everyone, as some may know from my other posts I have been enslaved by my ex girlfriend and I am now just a live in slave for her and her boyfriend (my replacement) Master Sean. Until now I have just posted about those true experiences, but ive always wanted to write fantasy stories...
  13. Alesya20

    Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Betty humiliates the domestic slave using sweaty smelly feet. The lady spits in his face, makes him sniff her sweaty dirty socks that she has been wearing for a...
  14. normbob

    'Foot worship after work' from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, In this clip the fabulous SCARLET uses her foot slave to relax after a day of hard work at the office. You can watch Scarlet's dominant sensuality while she has her shoes, socks and feet worshipped by another sub-male in the clip "Foot worship after work" at my Femdom Dreams c4s...
  15. Furetto

    Strawberries Crushing Underfoot.... eat it! (extreme foot slave humiliation)

    Video available at In this video, incredible and revolting at the same time, my friend Trashy - an alternative model, who loves pulp and odd stuff - prepares me the most disgusting beverage ever invented. For the preparation of this...
  16. Furetto

    A Delightfully Disgusting Menu (Toejam Fetish and Hard Foot Domination) It won't take much to prepare a delicious meal if you have the same skills as Chef Roberta. In this video she will show you how to create a funny and tasty recipe! The starting point of this odd preparation is a sleeve of saltine...
  17. Furetto

    Can a Loser Be Useful To a Goddess? (Extreme Foot Humiliation)

    New Video available at Bdsm & Fetish Milano Little Acab is known to be one of the most cruel mistresses in Italy. In this clip she tests her pathetic slave skills to see if there could be some usefulness in that miserable human being...
  18. Furetto

    Extreme Foot Domination & Humiliation (toejam and toenails eating)

    Video available at Some time ago I made a sitcom with a great italian burlesque performer. The main idea was to create a sort of «The Cosby Show» in a fetish way, combining my paraphilias with the excellent quality of acting of my...
  19. Furetto

    Dirty Feet Humiliation POV (Bdsm & Fetish Milano)

    Video now available at We received the following request from a customer: «Dear Bdsm & Fetish Milano staff, I ask you - if possible - to make my fantasies come true in a hot video with Mistress Melissa (I love her!). Unfortunately I...
  20. AATBxxx

    Enslaved By Hell's Favorite Feet

    This is a custom video fantasy, brought to life. No specific name used. Email: raquel roper xxx @ to order your own *remove spaces*. Customer's Request: "You are an evil queen and I have ventured into your realm, where you have caught me. I try to turn around and leave, but it is too...