foot smother

  1. Furetto

    Smothered by Giant Stinky Feet

    The video Burst of Footsmothering is now available in two stores: Fetish Obsession ItalFetish Mister Apnea is talking on the phone with Valerie, a twenty years old girl who would like to...
  2. AATBxxx

    Pantyhose Foot Smelling/Smother On Rowdy Student

    Clip Description: Nadia White attends a rather prestigious university, and needless to say lately; she hasn't exactly been looking the part. Wearing funky, discolored socks with beaten up tennis shoes all throughout her days on campus, and not to mention her tits that are popping out of her...
  3. probes31

    Extreme Toetal Footdom

    Genuine Female Foot Domination- Smelly foot and sock sniffing, smothering, hard trampling, facestanding, jumping, stomping...and much much more! Send Custom requests to
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Foot Siren Double Cum JOI 2

    FOOT SIREN DOUBLE CUM JOI 2 Ready to do it again? From the Woman who literally created the “Foot Smelling Handjob” on Clips4Sale (I actually did create that category Myself), here’s a double-cum challenge! Sniff My sexy feet. Each toe. Down the soles. Discover everything wedged in My...
  5. Q

    Just Struggle

    You don't like breathing, do you? Sometimes I just want to smother you, my feet over your mouth and your nose just suffocating you. Watching you struggle, how does that sound? I put my feet on his face to smother him. We even play a game on how long he can hold his breathe. If his hands weren't...
  6. Q

    Stinky Handjob

    I hope you like that smell. Lord knows I could have smelled them a mile away when I took my shoes off. I have been on my feet all day walking around shopping. I was wearing my cute little leather flats without socks, so they got really fucking sweaty. Go ahead sniff that stinky foot you know you...
  7. T

    Goddess Gwen gives her bellhop an unusual tip. Hd 1080

    Taylor is as the bellhop at Goddess Gwen's hotel and gets tasked with handling her luggage. The whole time he is helping her to the room he can't help but notice her sexy feet! Goddess Gwen notices Taylor looking at her feet while they are in the elevator. Once Taylor finishes with her luggage...
  8. R

    Clip: Foot Slave Training: Double Domme Foot Smother & Toe Sucking!

    Buy Foot Slave Training: Foot Smother & Toe Sucking Here on Clips4sale or Here on! Get on the ground, slave! Stay still and stop squirming! You know what’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. Four feet are better than two though, aren’t they? But these feet...
  9. T

    Foot worship to prevent eviction

    Foot worship to prevent eviction Terra comes home from the gym and goes to the laundry to wash her stinky gym clothes. She see her underwear in the drier with Taylor's clothes. She comes out to the living room and flings the underwear at him. She asks...
  10. femalewrestlingfan

    Sweaty Foot Play

    Krystelle just finished doing a workout and catches Chris reading a book. She decides its time to have some fun, she kicks the book out of his hands, kicks him down, and starts having some fun. She rubs her feet all over his face, makes him kiss them, lick them and makes sure that he licks...
  11. T

    Busted workout Partner.

    Roxie and Taylor return from a long workout and sit down to relax. Roxie kicks off her stinky sneakers. Roxie offers Taylor some water. Roxie leaves to grab the water for them. As soon as she leaves, Taylor makes sure she isn't looking and grabs her smelly sneaker. He puts it up to his face and...
  12. T

    Loser gets winner's stinky feet.

    Leena and I have been training together for a few weeks, However, lately we both haven't been trying our hardest. In attempt to make both of us train harder, I proposed a race. I also suggested we wager on the race. The wager was, that the loser has to smell the winner's feet. I ended up losing...
  13. KyleChaos

    Foot Fetish Erotica - FOOTCHAOS.COM

    New to the forum but I have some content you might enjoy! The World Series is on and my team is playing. Sadie Kennedy takes a seat next to me and I am clearly uninterested in her demands to go shopping. She grabs my attention during a commercial break and teases my cock with her sock...
  14. KyleChaos

    Sole Smothering Bitches

    Mystick Moons and Alexa Ray have their way smothering my face with their feet. The topless brats blackmail me with threats, humiliate me with insults and even steal my wallet :/ FULL CLIP HERE (THIS CLIP WAS SHOT INSIDE A BOAT!)
  15. probes31

    Miss Becca's Boredom Trample

    Miss Becca is bored out of her mind....But she knows how to entertain herself, by using her slave as a rug. Miss Becca has been wearing her black socks all day at work (she went shopping right after) and they are damp with sweat and reek of foot stink. She walks up and down his body spending...
  16. probes31

    ToeTally Defeeted!! By Goddess Amanda.

    Goddess Amanda is to be treated like a princess at ALL times. So she didn't take too kindly her slave making her feel heavy when she was using him as a doormat. Goddess unleashes 3 vicious stomps to his face in anger, and then stands on the side of his head while forcing him to smell her sweaty...
  17. probes31

    Goddess Alexis' Foot Smothering Facial!

    I'm in a playful mood tonight and have the sudden urge to rub my feet into someone's face...and who happens to be available?? JahManji! I give him facial massage like no other...I really take pleasure in grinding my sweaty feet into the pores of his face. His face will smell like my feet for...
  18. czsole123 Forced foot smother

    Forced foot smother It's never a good idea to poke a girl which can beat your ass. Too bad Charlie didn't learned this lesson sooner. Maybe than Michelle wouldn't beat him up and force her big feet on against his face. Well the looser has no chance now he simply has to be at Michelle's feet...
  19. PSarah

    BATFUCKED! Catwoman's Foot Seduction

    FREE PREVIEW at Foot Fetish Tube (user SarahDiavola) I'm alerted to the Bat's plan to come and confront me in my lair by a comrade. After the call, I lay in wait to surprise the hero. I put a special elixir on my stockings, feet and boots, which will be sure to affect the Bat...
  20. jgrass1

    ^^Foot Smothered and Trampled at her Job Interview!^^

    Luna has another job interview. Hopefully this one will go better than that one where that crazy woman sat on her face and smothered her with feet. NOPE! Her interviewer is Mistress Megara and her intern Kaci. They smother her face with their smelly bare feet, sit all over her, and even walk on...