foot smothering

  1. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Vs Scorpion: Sensual Smothers

    At Fetish Con, Lana Luxor challenges UK visitor Scorpion to a smothering match which consist of breast, foot, ass, hand and belly smothers! There can only be one winner and as one of the ladies become exhaust with fatigue, the other begins to dominate and finishes her opponent off with a reverse...
  2. Alesya20

    060 Betty's Foot Humiliation Spitting ,dirty Feet, footsex, foot worship.069 Betty wants to trample the face of the boyfriend. 069 Betty wants to trample the face of the boyfriend. The girl makes a whole pool of saliva from the face of her boyfriend and smears his face with feet, makes a massage. Her sweaty legs want to be sniffed...
  3. Alesya20

    Sexy Legs Betty Face Sitting Spitting Trampling Foot Slave Training Foot Tickling Sexy Betty Foot Smelling Foot Tickling Spitting 087
  4. Furetto

    Smothered by Giant Stinky Feet

    The video Burst of Footsmothering is now available in two stores: Fetish Obsession ItalFetish Mister Apnea is talking on the phone with Valerie, a twenty years old girl who would like to...
  5. Furetto

    Socks Smothering in the Woods (ItalFetish)

    New Video at Mister Apnea goes jogging in the park with Miss Misia Marelli, alias Lady Witch. After a full hour of hard running, the fat man needs to take a break and creates a funny fetish game he can’t win. Mister Apnea has an excellent...
  6. Furetto

    Stinky Foot Smothering (Fetish Obsession)

    Video available at This is one of the funniest videos I've done in the last period. It was born spontaneously after the «Stinky Feet Contest» between Demetra and Valeria. I wanted to try something new and for the first time I dealt with...
  7. Furetto

    Guess The Smell! (ItalFetish: only real stinky feet!)

    New Stinky Video available at Italfetish In the last few years the videos about the so-called « Guess That Smell Challenge» have gone viral on the internet: people of all ages, sex and nationality have chosen to challenge each other, making...
  8. Furetto

    Smothered By Her Smelliest Body Parts (Fetish Obsession for Female Bad Smells)

    Video available at Fat Man is reading a book, comfortably lying on the carpet, while Mistress Samira - entering the room - screams at him with a nasty voice: ''What are you fucking doing, here?''. At first, she angrily pries the book...
  9. AATBxxx

    Real Time Virgin Foot Smother

    FOOT SMOTHERING - FOOT SMELLING - FOOT FETISH - FOOT DOMINATION - FEMALE DOMINATION MISSROPER.COM presents a real time recorded experience between Miss Roper & her domestic slave... My domestic slave cleaning bitch chris spent all day cleaning my house from top to bottom, in great detail as...
  10. T

    Taylor's gym forfeit HD

    Taylor's gym forfeit HD I challenge Nyxon to a lifting challenge. I end up losing and have to pay the price. I told her if i lose that she can smother and humiliate me. She smothers me with her ass, feet and breasts. She makes sure to really rub in the fact that i lost to her...
  11. jgrass1

    ^^Girl on Girl Smothering Preview^^

    A preview clip of our newest girl on girl smothering!
  12. JulieSimone

    Barefoot Domination

    Video Update : courtesy of the Den of Iniquity, busty redhead Mistress Julie Simone, dressed in a tight fitting, long latex dress, removes her toe shoes to reveal Her perfectly pedicured highly arched feet with red polish and milky white skin. She uses Her toes to torture Her bound victim...
  13. M

    6 girl Foot Heaven!!!! - check out this trailer, with Lucy, Brooklynne, Iris, Leslee, Kimmy and Gianna Vee - this guy was in foot heaven.
  14. S

    Defeeted again by foot on face!

    Humiliating defeat by girls barefoot on my face after a barrage of barefoot and sole kissing.
  15. B

    Feet for Sissy Maid

    The privilege of licking my feet is one that has to be earned. Seeing that my maid slave did most of his chores, I guess I'll let him lick the bottom of my feet clean. Maybe he'll even get to suck my toes. Mistress Live Cam
  16. C

    Featured Models For *ClubBreath-IV Smothernight*

    It would be great to have Mistress Destiny members with us at the smothernight on Friday, August 24th in Los Angeles! Here's more info for you.. Models List and descriptions: Models Gallery of all the ladies that will be there...
  17. C

    **This is JUST A TASTE of What Awaits You in 4 Days Time**

  18. F

    **Just 10 DAYS Till the Vegas Footnight- MODELS LIST POSTED!**

    JUST 10 DAYS TO GO TILL FOOTNIGHT LAS VEGAS! We'd love to have you guys on the Forum join us at the upcoming Las Vegas Footnight foot party on Thursday, June 28th. The Las Vegas footnights are among the coziest and most fun Footnights in the country with great 1-on-1 privacy, amazing...
  19. C

    **Want THESE on your face?**

    Shown here are Caroline Pierce, Imani Seduction and Skylar Rene.. Just 3 of the 20 confirmed ladies that will be at ClubBreath-III in Los Angeles on Friday, June 22nd. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. SPACE IS LIMITED! CLICK HERE FOR CLUBBREATH-III MODELS PHOTO GALLERY!
  20. C

    ClubBreath II SmotherNight Set For April 20

    You are invited to join us at ClubBreath II on Friday, April 20, 2012! The last event was FAR better than we anticipated. The ladies were HOT AS HELL, and there was just the right number of people to keep the party cozy, friendly, relaxed and intimate. The girls loved every minute of it...